Jazz Camp for Girls Takes on Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Finland and the U.K.

Can jazz improvisation as a teaching method help reduce the unequal gender balance in music?

Since 2014, JazzCamp for Girls has put the unequal gender balance in the music industry on the Danish agenda. Jazz Camp for Girls started in Denmark in 2014 and is a unique educational opportunity taking place at music schools across the country for girls at the age of 10-15, who want to try working composition and improvisation, no matter the choice of instrument or previous experience. By creating a safe space through music, where the girls can practice and acquire new skills, we hope to increase the girls’ interest in playing and composing rhythmic music.

Joining forces as part of the movement towards making a change

JazzCamp for Girls has been successfully adopted by JazzNorth in England in 2019, read about it here. In 2022, JazzCamp for Girls will also expand into new territories with the project 'JazzCamp for Girls Take the North' where jazz camps will also take place in Sweden, Poland and Finland. The project is a collaboration between Svensk Jazz, Katowice City of Gardens, Jazz Finland, kultur(a), Semente Cultural Productions, Katowice JazzArt Festival and JazzDanmark. JazzCamp for Girls Takes the North is supported by The Nordic Culture Fund.