Jammin’Juan 2020

Jammin’Juan will take place this winter at Juan-les-Pins, France.
The 4th edition of the market for Jazz professionals will take place at the Conference Centre of Juan-les-Pins, from Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th December 2020. The aim of this event is to provide a stage for emerging jazz bands, performing a showcase or concert in front of decision-makers (festivals organisers, managers of concert halls and clubs...), the media and a small number of jazz enthusiasts.

32 talented bands to discover :
Although most of them are French (Robinson Khoury, Yusan, Laura Prince, Baiju Bhatt & Red Sun, Matthias Levy Unis Vers, Igor Gehenot, Christophe Imbs ForYourOwnGood!, Fiona Monbet, Rouge, Pierre Marcus quartet, Antiloops, Inwardness, Dexter Goldberg Trio, Akagera, Stracho Temelkovski, Vladimir Torres Trio, Human Songs, Nathan Mollet trio, François Poitou quintet), you will discover European bands too, as well as Spanish bands : the Machetazo, Los Aurora, the Luxembourgish band Tele-Port, the two English bands Henry Spencer & Juncture and Waaju, Nuphar Fey from Israël, Half Easy trio from Netherland and the Italian JEMM Music Project…

All the information on: https://jammin.jazzajuan.com/en-us/programmation.aspx