Jaga Jazzist opens Victoria's Autumn season

Summer has finally won the battle over winter here in Norway, and Oslo is as beautiful and vibrant as it can be! The streets, parks and cafes are full of people, and the capital of Norway is a cultural mecca for people seeking shade and enlightenment in between strolling our blooming city. The Munch museum, the new National Gallery and all our concert halls and clubs have programmes to envy.

At Nasjonal jazzscene, Victoria, the Norwegian Academy of Music has completely taken over our club with their exam concerts. More than 50 concerts, all free, crammed in to 14 days! Soon though, we close our doors for the summer to go out and participate in all the lovely jazz festivals all over Norway: Molde, Kongsberg, Canal Street, Mandaljazz, Motvind and many more.

At the same time we’ll be thinking about Autumn, anticipating our kick off with the great Jaga Jazzist, playing two nights on the 30. and 31st of August! Jaga Jazzist is the catchy and cinematic 8 piece band who, for the last 30 years, have made a huge impact in the modern jazz world, introducing electronica infused beauty into instrumental jazz and rock for a young audience. They have released albums on labels such as Warner, Ninja Tune and lately Flying Lotus’ imprint Brainfeeder. Their live shows are known to be fresh, energetic and tantalizing. We love Jaga Jazzist for being at the forefront in the genre, being innovative and exciting, and at the same time maintaining its uniqueness and being unmistakably Jaga. You are hereby invited to a party (or two) in Oslo!

Nasjonal jazzscene are weekly publishing our Autumn program, please check out more of our fabulous programming at our homepage, here: https://nasjonaljazzscene.no/arrangement/

Photo(c): Anthony P. Huus