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On the 21st December 2015, the first comprehensive web portal dedicated to jazz in Italy, was published online and presented at the Casa del Jazz in Rome. 

Created by I-Jazz, the Italian association of jazz festivals, in collaboration with MIDJ, the association of jazz musicians, the website is a dynamic network open to all the stakeholders of the sector: artists, promoters, general public, institutions and tourist operators. The aim is to gather for the first time in a common place all the information about jazz in Italy and to strengthen the voice of Italian jazz at the national and international level.

ItaliaJazz is divided in six main areas that together form a comprehensive database of geo-tagged data. More then 1900 artists, 900 concerts in the events calendar, 570 bands, orchestras and collectives, 280 festivals and concert series, 80 clubs, 700 structures such as conservatories and jazz courses and over 470 concert venues are already published. The website was financed by the Italian Ministry of Culture with a part of the special fund of 500.000 euro dedicated to support Italian jazz.

Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini, who participated at the official presentation of the website, noted that “this website is a wonderful initiative because it offers to all the interested people and tourists that visit our country the opportunity to experience the richness of jazz in Italy. It is the demonstration of what Italy can do when we put together all our efforts. We should be proud of it”.

World-renowned Italian trumpeter Paolo Fresu, also present at the website launch, commented that “after the success of ‘Il Jazz Italiano per l’Aquila’ of last September this is another step forward that shows how much Italian jazz is alive and dynamic in all its artistic expressions and in the many realities throughout the country that contribute to a common project. We have so many incredible young musicians, this website will give them the opportunity to be visible at the international level”.

 “We are counting on the active collaboration of all the stakeholders of the sector” says Gianni Pini, President of I-Jazz ,“we have developed the infrastructure and started a systematic scanning of the jazz ecosystem in Italy, a work that was never done before. We discovered a big potential and many hidden treasures, which can have a huge resonance also at the international level. We are sure that the growth of the website will be exponential!”

The website has been developed as a database that links all the actors of the jazz scene. The portal is ready to manage millions of records and in a few weeks it will include as well thousands of audio files of the Italian Jazz Music Database (, that will complement the data already published. The English version of the website will be ready in April and presented during jazzahead! 2016 in Bremen.

The Europe Jazz Network contributed to the development of the web portal offering its experience and know-how in developing web-based information systems.

Visit the new website: