Isfar Sarabski is confirmed at Montreux Jazz Festival 2021

This Tuesday, July 1st, the Azerbaijani pianist Isfar Sarabski was announced in the programming of the next Montreux Jazz Festival 2021, which will take place from the 2nd to the 17th of July.

Isfar has just released his first album Planet, on the Warner Music label and will perform with his quartet on July 11th.

The band is exactly the same that performed at Jazzahead in 2019, so whoever had the chance to attend that showcase already knows what to expect from this concert, which will be the official album release album. This is the first time that Isfar Sarabski will return to Montreux after winning the best pianist award in the 2008 competition. In addition to the concert, Isfar will also offer a special workshop on July 10th, talking about his influences and jazz in Azerbaijan.

Isfar Sarabski (piano), Behruz Zeynal (tar), Makar Novikov (bass), Sasha Mashin (drums)

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