International Jazz Day: Irena Blagojević

Belgrade Youth Center, Main Hall
April 30, 2017 at 9:00 pm

Belgrade Youth Center and Belgrade Jazz Festival are organizing International Jazz Day celebration from 2012 through series of jazz concerts with the aim to popularize this kind of music and view of the world with the widest possible audience.

This year, our choice is Irena Blagojević - this acclaimed jazz, pop and soul singer who recently released the second album, entitled "Blistavi grad", for the label PGP-RTS. It was made in a jazz-pop genre, in which Irena leads on the Serbian music scene, positioning herself as a mature vocalist, with specific and recognizable style, but also as a composer, arranger and songwriter. In the style which is based on the tradition of classic jazz divas of strong and impressive voice, and with the freshness of modern tunes with a hint of pop elements, this album brings nine songs that jazz lovers and wider audience will listen fondly.