Hazmat Modine European tour 2019

EUROPEAN TOUR  2019 / Hazmat Modine

Dates: May17th - June 20th


These are strange times in the USA, and Hazmat Modine is doing its part to fix the situation with the release of its fourth collection of studio recordings entitled Box of Breath. 

Life and death, we are all just a box of breath.

Hazmat Modine has taken American Roots Music to Shakespearean heights, songs, parables of human experience condensed into tin pan alley song format. With Wade’s signature voice and harmonica, Joe Daley’s undulating sousaphone, along with classic horns, assorted strings, percussion and shimmering vocal harmonies, Box of Breath is a Strum und Drang collection of the traditional American ensemble experience. This could well be Hazmat’s magnum opus thus far.

All the songs on Box of Breath are concerned with issues of mortality and humanity. 

The song “Crust of Bread” is a primal chant built on the foundation of a Malian groove. “Dark River” is a mournful waltzing lullaby. “The Hoarder” is about the obsessive collecting of “stuff” in the musical style of an early 20th century minor key Drag

Hazmat Modine

22 tours since 2007 in Europe, each year about 25 to 30 concerts, that is a success story that only few bands from the USA can show. Coming from the melting pot of New York, it is above all their versatility that makes Hazmat Modine play at festivals of all genres, whether rock or blues festival, world music or jazz festivals everywhere they have a totally enthusiastic audience. In 2018 they played in the two biggest Asian countries India and China and the promoters there want to bring the band back next year. With their new CD "Box of Breath" they will go on tour in Europe in 2019. This time the tour starts on May 17th Kiev/Ukraine and ends on June 20th at the Kongress Zentrum Bremen. We are already looking forward to the new and old audience.

Above all the material of the new CD will be presented.

About 50% of the European shows are currently booked and we are looking forward to further offers.

Hoarder Song / HAZMAT MODINE at Luxor Live (Arnhem NL) 2018-06-15


Wade Schumann - Diatonic Harmonica, Guitar, Banjitar, Lead Voc
Erik Della Penna - Lead- und Background Voc., Banjo, Guitar
Reut Regev - Trombone
Joseph Daley - Sousaphone
Patrick Simard - Percussion, Drums
Steve Elson - Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Duduk, Flute
Charlie Burnham - Violin
Pamela Fleming - Trumpet, Flugelhorn

10 persons on tour: Hotel: 10 single rooms  (***)
The band is traveling by nightliner in Europe, except very far distances