Greetings from Victoria!

We closed our regular season a couple of weeks ago, with the program of the final week consisting of amongst others two sold-out shows with Brad Mehldau Trio, and a sold-out show with Billy Cobham’s Spectrum 50 Band. We couldn’t ask for a better closing of the season.

Right now, we’re in the midst of a three week long exam period at Victoria, with Master and Bachelor candidates from Norwegian Academy of Music and NLA University College having their exams daily at our venue. The exams are open to everyone, and have no entry fee, so there are a lot of interested spectators. The level of the candidates is astonishing, and it’s a pleasure to have them in the house!

Even though the Summer has finally arrived in Oslo, we’ve shifted focus to our concert program this Fall. Right now, we have dropped around 40 concerts, so that’s around half of our total program. The other half of the program is about to be published in June. We open the season on Friday September 1st, with Hedvig Mollestad’s Weejuns-project, who releases their album the same day. We have a lot of great concerts to look forward to, for example two concerts with John Scofield Trio on Saturday, the 28th of October, Maria Kannegaard Trio on Septemer 21st, Chris Potter Circuits Trio on Friday the 24th of November, and Supersilent on December 1st.  

September marks not only the start of a new season, but also the change of Managing Director at Nasjonal jazzscene. Øyvind Larsen will take over from Jan Ole Otnæs on September 1st.

As always, if you’re in Oslo, please check out our program and pay us a visit. We can guarantee a night with great music at Nasjonal jazzscene – Victoria!

With love from Oslo, Norway