Gaume Jazz Festival - Présentation

The Gaume Jazz Festival’s reputation has been built on the 450 concerts it has produced
since being created by the Jeunesses Musicales du Luxembourg Belge in 1985.
It is artistically ambitious, with a consistent level that blends Belgian jazz,
major European productions and young professionals. But what makes the Gaume Jazz festival a unique project is:

>>> the important given to original creations borne by the best artists from Wallonia and Brussels
(the birthplace of Adolphe Sax and home to jazz);
>>> determination to explore the lesser-known jazz territories from across Europe;
>>> its desire to showcase artists from the younger generation, true to the general ambitions
of the Jeunesses Musicales, without falling into the trap of radical youthism!

Visitors enjoy three days in the pastoral, rural landscapes around the Rossignol-Tintigny Cultural Centre,
choosing from 5 stages and more than 25 groups playing the various flavours of jazz,
from the purest up to the latest blends of funk and electro.
The Gaume Jazz Festival also boasts an educational side.
Its  residential workshop (the week before the Festival) welcomes young players from 12 years old upwards.
It enables them to discover jazz as a live music or perfect their playing under the guidance of recognised teachers.
There is also a creative jazz workshop for young children.