Gaume Jazz Festival

Gaume Jazz Festival

8 | 9 | 10 August 2014 \\ Rossignol - Tintigny \\ Belgium


Jazz of the future & Quality popular party !

In the beautiful and peaceful area of Gaume (in the south of Belgium), the Gaume Jazz Festival first occurred in August 1985 at the Jeunesses Musicales’ initiative with the major goal of promoting young musicians.
The Gaume Jazz Festival will celebrate is thirtieth anniversary on Friday 8th, Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th August in Rossignol-Tintigny. More than 20 bands and 120 artists from 10 nationalities on 5 different stages, will assure a show with a fully instrumental and artistic diversity.

As usual, famous names of international jazz will be present at Gaume Jazz with Michel Jonasz, Enrico Pieranunzi, Majid Bekkas, Francesco Bearzatti and many others!
    •    Michel Jonasz covers his thirty-year career; an ideal opportunity to celebrate together with GJF’s own 30th anniversary!
    •    Enrico Pieranunzi, recently awarded “Best international Piano Player” by the prestigious “Echo Jazz Awards”, joins the Gaume Jazz commission by Antoine Pierre.
    •    Majid Bekkas is a regular at the Gaume Jazz. For the past 2 years, his career has reached international highs. His new opus “Al Qantara” has been unanimously praised by professional audiences.
    •    Francesco Bearzatti is known as one of the “Top European” artists for his playing qualities and rich music production.
The Gaume Jazz’s reputation is made from its ability to search out new talents. So, if you don’t know yet the names of Gourmet (FI), Atom String Quartet (PL), Leila Martial (FR) & Gubb (SE), don’t worry! Because you can be sure of two things: these are top notch projects and the quality and the diversity is such that it will constantly help nurture the Gaume Jazz Festival. In 2014, we can anticipate some great discoveries with a special welcome to Israeli jazz: Ofri Nehemya and his quartet (a young drummer hired by Avishai Cohen) & Adam Ben Ezra’s solo (double bass). Remy Labbé, a talented trumpeter from Paliseul (the neighbouring district of Rossignol) is accompanied by two Israeli musicians for his first steps on the festival stage.
To motivate creativity and to recognise the most successful productions are some of Gaume Jazz’s goals through its commissions and wild cards ('cartes blanches'):
    •    Igor Gehenot, Sabam’s price winner – Jeunesses Musicales Jazz Award 2011, will create a surprising show with Lorenzo Di Maio (guitar) & Atom String Quartet, a well-known and energetic Polish band.
    •    Around Antoine Pierre, a young drummer from Liège who brights the Belgian jazz stage, will be a spectacular line-up (Enrico Pieranunzi, Steve Houben, …) to create a unique moment.
    •    The trumpeter Laurent Blondiau (well-known at the GJF) is the unflagging leader of MÂÄK’s Spirit. He shares this project with prestigious international guests to give a new to traditional jazz.
Looking to the future, this mentality push the GJF to select talented Belgian artists: Afrikän Protoköl, Pierre De Surgères, … However, Jean-Paul Dessy’s and Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven’s melodies are close to the jazz tradition: it is a real joy to include them for this 30th anniversary.
With a friendly atmosphere and stands full of local produce, the Gaume Jazz offers a great week end: Gaumais’s barbecue, conversations with the artists around local beverages, animated stands; nobody forgets the magic of those 3 days of party!
Finally, some surprises will make of this edition an exciting experience: a “tasty” OFF programme, original exhibitions, meetings with professionals from the jazz industry, and many others.
In parallel, the festival develops as well a “Stage Résidentiel” for amateur musicians aged above 12 years and a “Stage Créatif” (arts & jazz musics) for the ages 6 to 12.
In short, Gaume Jazz’s 30th anniversary will be for everybody: a tasty cocktail of pure & modern jazz, and a journey of emotions, to be enjoyed without moderation!