Flame Jazz Cruise #13, Viking Grace

Departure from Turku harbour Saturday 22nd September 2018 at 8:55 pm
Arrival Sunday at 7:50 pm.

The most magnificent and eco-friendly cruise ship of the Baltic Sea, Viking Grace, is together with Flame Jazz inviting you to yet another mini jazz festival at sea in September.

The unique concept combines jazz with the beautiful Archipelago Sea landscapes. The audience gets to enjoy some of Finland’s high end jazz ensembles during 23h, for the regular price of a cruise. In addition to the top artists there will also be relaxed jam sessions together with music students. Both cruise days will also have some interesting talk shows, where artists, event organizers and other jazz workers will participate.
The 13th Flame Jazz Cruise offers a wide program shifting between cinematic atmospheres and electric virtuosity, and takes you from unprejudiced avant-garde landscapes all the way to steamy swing and captivating afro-rhythms.

The opening act L’Alliance Takalo treats us to a Parisian bistro-feel with some subtle flirting with modern jazz. This alliance, put together by the master of cinematic melodies and touching arrangements, is like a chamber orchestra, carefully listnening to one another and sensing its surroundings.
Arttu Takalo – vibraphone
Niko Kumpuvaara – accordion
Ville Herrala – bass
Ville Pynssi – drums

The explosively energetic fusion band Nassaun Fasaani takes the Vogue night club audience on a fascinating musical journey to the rhythms of Western Africa and Southern America. Their distinctive, surprise-sprinting style is thrilling, as Finlands high-end musicians deliver vivid solos and sudden twists.
Joonatan Rautio – saxophones, keys
Jussi Fredriksson – keys
Juho Kivivuori – bass
Abdissa Assefa – percussion
Toni Porthén – drums

A proper Saturday night fever will be brought to the cruisers by the internationally successful, Beninese-Finnish Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble! The group’s music is a mixture of Western African voodoo rhythms, afro-beat, jazz and funk, and makes you instantly put on your dancing shoes.
Noël Saïzonou – vocals, percussion
Janne Halonen – guitar, vocals
Mikko Pettinen – trumpet, vocals
Joakim Berghäll – saxophone, vocals
Menard Mponda – percussions, vocals
Visa Oscar – keys
Sampo Riskilä – bass, vocals
Juha Räsänen – drums, vocals

Gourmet, offering a combination of jazz and schlager in an avant-garde style, is an awakening act with their rich soundscape. The group’s music mixes entertainment, art and tragicomedy in a personal way, and their genre varies from waltz to march and desert rock.
Mikko Innanen – saxophones and sound
Esa Onttonen – guitar, ukulele, vocals
Ilmari Pohjola – trombone
Veli Kujala – accordion
Petri Keskitalo – tuba
Mika Kallio – drums

On Sunday there is also a chance for visual treats as the awarded trumpetist Verneri Pohjola and percussion artist Mika Kallio present their work Animal Image at Vogue night club. The duo is joined by visual artist and photographer Perttu Saksa’s documentary film, for which the music is composed. The result is a meditative constellation of music and visuals, and a story about the eternal bond between humans and animals.
Verneri Pohjola – trumpet and electronics
Mika Kallio – drums and percussion
Perttu Saksa – film

The cruise culminates with Finnish elite sax player Timo Lassy and Ricky-Tick Big Band Brass. As Timo Lassy Band combines their force with this renowned horn section, there will certainly be new compositions, some steamy swing and an irresistible groove with the energy of thirteen musicians.
Timo Lassy – saxophone
Teppo Mäkynen – drums
Antti Lötjönen – double bass
Georgios Kontrafouris – piano and Wurlitzer
Abdissa Assefa – percussion

Ricky-Tick Big Band Brass:
Teemu Mattsson – trumpet and flugelhorn
Kalevi Louhivuori – trumpet and flugelhorn
Mikko Karjalainen – trumpet and flugelhorn
Janne Toivonen – trumpet and flugelhorn
Heikki Tuhkanen – trombone
Jay Kortehisto – trombone
Pekka Laukkanen – trombone
Juho Viljanen – bass trombone and tuba

For more information, please contact
Jussi Fredriksson / Flame Jazz