Ernest Ranglin and Friends - Farewell Tour 2016



Ernest Ranglin Farewell Tour

Born in 1932, virtuoso guitarist Ernest Ranglin is one of the godfathers of Jamaican popular music, leading to rock steady, reggae and ska. Now, after almost sixty years of recording and touring, Ernest Ranglin wanted to say goodbye to the stage and to his fans. And certainly he will be accompanied by some of the finest personalities in contemporary world and jazz music. No less than the personification of Afrobeat, drummer Tony Allen, the so called 'saviour of British jazz' sax-man Courtney Pine, as well the upcoming trailblazer on bass, Ira Coleman will join Ranglin on the tour. Also on board is the 2015 Womex Award winner and Senegal Sufi singer Cheikh Lô and furthermore the formidable jazz piano player Alex Wilson, who is best known for his enormous technical abilities. To see and listen to just one of these great musicians and their exceptional talents live on stage, is already a veritable feast for the insider and admirer. To experience all of them together in one line up, means nothing less than a musical "royal jelly"!

Listen to: Below the Bassline (Full album)

Ernest Ranglin and Friends


Cheikh Lô has forty years of music in his dreadlocks. He started out as a drummer and has become nowadays a musical giant of West Africa. His voice is unique, cosmopolitan, graceful, slender and high-pitched. He is being adored by world music fans (2015 Womex Award) and admired by artists around the world with whom he has worked with.


No musician more embodies the dramatic transformation in the British jazz scene over the past twenty years than Courtney Pine. The ground breaking saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist has led a generation of exciting and innovative players who have broadened their styles to take jazz out to a wider audience.


Tony Allen is one of the greatest drummers on the planet - the man who created afrobeat with Fela. Allen's particular genius has been his ability to lie just behind the beat, pushing and pulling the song without calling too much attention to himself. Allen transformed afrobeat by fusing jazz, funk, dub and psychedelic pop. Being a musical alchemist, he set out new directions by rejuvenating the original beat with contemporary cutting edge sounds.


Born of mixed English-African parentage, Alex Wilson is one of the foremost keyboard players to come out of the UK. His composing and production career is equally diverse, writing music for festivals, theaters, TV and film. Curator of an annual London Latin Jazz festival Alex has now as well firmly established himself in the world of latin.


As comfortable playing Jamaican rhythms as he is accompanying a gospel choir, this professional bass player has built an international reputation for versatility. “The bass is the instrument you need as a pillar and foundation”. His resumé tells the story. Over the years, Ira has worked with such well-known figures as Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and Sting. Ira appears on more than 150 recordings, his credits range from Angélique Kidjo via Stevie Wonder till Ernest Ranglin.

AVAILABILITY - Summer/Autumn 2016


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