DrawNotes exhibition by Henning Bolte

Exhibition “DrawNotes” presents illustrations of Henning Bolte created and collected throughout the years. While visiting numerous festivals and concerts all over the world, Henning made drawings which are his personal impressions of experiencing the music. Among artworks, we can find illustrations to such concerts as The The Thing, The Necks, Julian Lage, Chuffdrone, Amok Amour, Pascal Niggenkemper and many more. 
The exhibition will be open for the real life audience until 6th September in Galeria Engram in Katowice City of Gardens and it is part of Katowice JazzArt Festival. Curators: Katarzyna Łata, Martyna Markowska

K1 Hening Bolte tekening.jpg

K2 Hening Bolte tekening 14.jpg

Sch4 Hening Bolte tekening.jpg