DJF&G (Deep, Jazzy, Funky & Groovy) 100 % Original music

Hello music fans, the DJF&G studio formation is ready with its first one-hour Live set of the DJF&G studio formation. The main band (8 people with DJ) are: Miss JazzyVess - Lead & Bk. Vox., Miss Alleyna - Lead & Bk. Vox., Miss ViBe - Lead & Bk. Vox./Key's, Mr. Dizzy - Keyboards / Piano / Lead & Bk. Vox., Mr. Curly - Guitar / Lead & Bk. Vox., Mr. JazzTen - Ten. Sax. & DJ Chikozz.
Special guests for performances are: Mr. Teo - Lead Vocal, Miss Lady B - Lead Vocal and L.M.S. - Guitar / Lead & Bk. Vocals.
In the full Live version of the group (11 people) there are also: Alto sax, Bass guitar and Drums
Here are some of the songs included in the group set, which can be heard in the video mix used for our Cover video on Facebook:
Song: This Crazy World, Goresht Tants (Hot Dance), Because You Like, Groovy Song, Dama na bezbroi muje (The Lady Of Countless Men), Sands Of Gold, Kafe s led (Coffee With Ice), Chance to love you , Be my lover
The realization of DJF&G will be at festivals, concerts and special events.