Concert offers 2015-2016

Dear Promoter
here an actual overview over the musiscians / bands represented by me.
(dates on demand):

Michael Riessler (bcl) 
- solo
- Duo with Jean-Louis Matinier (acc.)
- Duo with Pierre Charial (barrel organ)
  - on tour Jan / Feb. 2016! - 
- Trio with Jean-Louis Matinier (acc.) and Howard Levy (piano, harmonica)
- Trio with Vincent Courtois (cello) and Pierre Charial (barrel organ)
- BIG  CIRCLE Quartet (Riessler, bcl, - Pierre Charial, barrel organ - Robby Ameen, dr - Manuel 
  Orza, b)
- BIG CIRCLE Tentett (Quartet + Brass Sextett)

Silent Movie + Film 
Michael Riessler Ensemble plays to "Hamlet" (Silent Movie, 1921, with Asta Nielsen)

"The Red Crescent"
Michael Riessler plays to the Silent Movie of Sándor Korda (1918)

Mikhail Alperin (piano)
- solo
- Duo with Arkadij Shilkloper (horn, alphorn)
- Duo with Evelina Petrova (acc.)
- Trio with Evelina Petrova, acc., and Roberto Boni, dr

Flavio Boltro (tp) 
- Duo with Danilo Rea: "OPERA"
- Quartet / quintet

Pierre Charial (barrel organ) 
- solo
- Duo with Michael Riessler (bcl)
     -  on tour jan./feb. 2016 - 
- Trio with Michael Riessler (bcl) and Vincent Coutrtois (cello)
- Trio with Michael Riessler (bcl) and Stefan Litwin (piano): "Massace du printemps"

Francois Couturier (piano)
- solo
- Duo wih Anja Lechner (cello): "Moderato Cantabile"
- Tarkovsky Quartet (Couturier, p, - Anja Lechner, cello - Jean-Louis Matinier, acc. - Jena- 
   Marc Larché, ss

Jean-Luc Fillon (Oboa) 
- Duo with Didier Ithursarry, acc: Illico Presto
  . on tour feb. 2016 -

- Trio with Joao Paulo, p,  and Jarrud Cagwin, perc.
- Quartet / Quintet

Rosario Giuliani (as) 
- Duo with Enrico Pieranunzi, p: "Duke's Dream"
- Duo with Luciano Biondini, acc.: "plays the music of Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone" 
  - on tour july 2016 ! -
- Quartett

Howard Levy (piano, harmonica)
- solo
- Duo with Chris Siebold (acoustic guitar)
- Duo with Michael Riessler (bcl)
- Trio with Michael Riessler (bcl) and Jean-Louis Matinier ( acc.)
   - on tour may 2016 -

Evelina Petrova (acc.)
- solo 
- Duo with Mikhail Alperin (p)
- Trio with Mikhail Alperin, p, and Roberto Boni, dr: "Mirrors. Dedicated to Andreij 

- Norwegian Trio

Silent Movie + Film 
Evelina Petrova plays to films of Lotte Reiniger:
    "The adventures of Prince Achmed"
    "Kalif Storch"
    "The grashopper and the ant"
(possible solo oder in duo with  Mikhail Alperin, piano)

Enrico Pieranunzi (piano) 
- solo
- solo "plays Donmenico Scarlatti"
- Duo with Rosario Giuliani (as)
- Trio with Gabriele Mirabassi (cl) and Luca Bulgarelli (b): "Racconti Mediterranei"
- Italian Trio (with Luca Bulgarelli, b, and Mauro Beggio, dr)
- European Trio (with Jesper Sömsen, b, and André Ceccarelli, dr)
-  Quartet / Quintet: "Fellinijazz"
- Enrico Pieranunzi meets the Brussels Jazz Orchestra (20-piece-orchestra)

Simone Prattico (dr)
- Trio with William Lecomte, p, and Acelino de Paula, b
   - on tour feb. / march 2016! -

Danilo Rea (piano)
- solo 
- Duo with Flavio Boltro: "OPERA"
- Trio with Ares Tavolazzi, b,  and Tony Match, dr: "Beatles in Jazz"

Eric Séva (sax)
- Trio with Didier Ithursarry, acc, and Jean-Philippe Viret, b
- Quartet "Nomade Sonore) (´Séva, sax - Denis Leloup, tb - Bruno Schorp, b - Mathieu 
  Chazarenc, dr)
- Quartet Franco-Allemand (Séva, sax - William Lecomte, p - Jens Loh, b - Antoine Fillon, 
- Danses avec Bartol (Sextett)

Arkadij Shilkloper (horn, alphorn)
- solo
- Duo with Mikhail Alperin, piano
- Duo with Jon Sass (tuba)

Franck Tortiller (vibes)
- solo
- Duo with Francois Corneloup, bs, ss
  - on tour march 2016!-
- Duo with Patrice Héral, dr
- Trio with Michel Godard, tuba, and Patrice Héral, dr: " Trio Impertinance"
  -on tour nov. 2015 ! -

- Trio with Y>ves Torchinsky, b, and Patrice Héral, dr.
- Quartet "Purple & High"
 Orchestre Franck Tortiller "Janis the Pearl" (9-piece-orchestra)

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