A casual play for children - 17 February 2013 15:00

Authored and directed by: Murat Göksu

Setting and costume selection: Murat Göksu

Piano: Ece Göksu 


Nazlı Deniz Boran

Deniz Likos

Ahmet Baykara

Zafer Erdaş

Gökhan Ürben

Grandstanding in many cities of Turkey for many years with more than 200 performances and having attracted a great number of audiences for theatre, opera, ballet and symphonic concerts, the musical play “A Casual Concert”, now meets with children at İş Sanat. In contrast to its original version the adaptation for children “A Casual Concert for Children” also features an authentic tale. 

Especially written for elementary and secondary school students, the play is aiming to encourage the children’s love  for the arts as well as intending to make them spend some good time with Classical music. The songs and arias selected from musicals and operas are presented within a tale and in a theatric narration. 

The play consists of 2 acts.