Azerbaijani Pianist Isfar Sarabski to perform at the Jazzahead's Showcase this year

The pianist Isfar Sarabski will be one of the acts of the Overseas Night of Jazzahead's Showcases in Bremen this year. As one of the main representatives of the true roots of Azerbaijan Jazz Mugham nowadays, his quartet stands out for the perfect interweaving of classical, jazz and traditional music, three strongly identifiable influences on Isfar's performance and compositions. The presentation also brings news such as the use of tar, a string instrument of Persian origin, which confers a sound rarely heard in a jazz concert.
The beauty and originality of the finest AZERI JAZZ will not make anyone indifferent.

Isfar SARABSKI : piano
Behruz ZEYNAL : tar
Makar NOVIKOV : double bass
Alexsandr MASSHIN : drums

If you will attend Jazzahead this year, do not miss out!

Saturday, April 27th, at 21:30
Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Bremen

Watch an excerpt of the concert here: