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After a very rich musical activity in the last month, here is all our news :  we were present at WOMEX in Cardiff to present our artists and the first edition of " ‘Rencontre Internationale Des Musiques Du Monde" (Sfax-Tunisia , 21 -23 November 2013 ) which was a smash hit , we were able to host professionals representing international renowned structures (Babel Med Music , Suds à Arles, Festival Musiques Métisses , Festival Villes Des Musiques Du Monde, Journal  Cesar and Zone Franche ) who admired not only a city, a festival, but also a dynamic team that dazzled all these by his professionalism and dynamism, also deserves back to artists, including guests like Ablaye Cissoko , but also artists who are part of the catalog of Med Fusion Management, I gives you below an overview of their new (everything is available Med Fusion Management Website):


Nadia Khaless Trio (Traditional Music) :  “a name that explodes”

New Album “3 Maghreb”

On tour In France and Suisse from 18 to 24 January 2014 and  From 24 May to 02 June 2014.

Ochchek Ettarab (Traditional Music) : “Among the revelations of the Festival, a great mastery of Malouf Tunisia”

In creating of their new album

Mohamed-Ali Kammoun (Jazz/Fusion) : “The Innovation, perspectives on the opening and authenticity”

New Album in creation.

Med Fusion Orchester (world/Jazz/Fusion) : “Fit the Jazz To Arab Instruments”

Album “Parfum De Jasmin” (Milan/Universal), New project “Couleurs Tunisiennes” in creation.

Abir Nasraoui (World Music) : “Great Revelation of the festival”

Album “Heyma” IMA/HARMONIA MUNDI, New project “Tango Aravi” in creation.


Other Artists From Our Roster :

Zohra Lajnef (World/Bedouin Music) : “The Diva of the Tunisian Bedouin Music” 

Albums:  “Ragrag”, “Shama”

Ayman Boujlida Quartet (Jazz/Fusion) : “Sensitivity, musicality and organic drumming”

New Project “Faith” in creation.

The Gharbi Brothers (World/Trad) “Exceptional and virtuosos artists”

Album “Khawater”

Harmonia Quatuor (Trad/Flamenco/Jazz): “Dreaming Music”

New Project “Vague d’orient” in creation.

Takht El Med (Traditional Music) : “Show the richness and the opening of the arab music”

On tour in France (With Nadia Khaless) From 24 May to 02 June.




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