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Anna Webber - flute, tenor saxophone / James Wylie - clarinet, alto saxophone / Elias Stemeseder - piano, wurlitzer / Julius Heise - vibraphone, marimba, whistling / Igor Spallati - double bass / Max Andrzejewski - drum set, glockenspiel, miscellaneous percussion, whistling / Martin Kruemmling - drum set, miscellaneous percussion



YOU TUBE - "Percussive Mechanics" 
YOU TUBE - "Sleeping is Giving in"


13 - 25 March 2014
11 - 18 November 2014 2014

Available throughout the year outstanding jazz and new music composer. (...) Webber plays with the conflicts between thoroughly composed music and jazz improvisation. ...from the detailed discipline of writing, the human element and expression bloom. - Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

"Anna Webber is a rare musician that can comfortably combine intellectual curiosity with pure emotion. Each time I've performed with her, a completely new sound was revealed. She is confident in her path and I am always anxious of her next moves. A brilliant player." - Jason Moran, MacArthur Fellow and ECM Recording Artist

"A flutist and tenor saxophonist in her late 20s, Anna Webber has an impressive new album, “Percussive Mechanics” (Pirouet), that taps the useful frictions between contemporary classical music and modern jazz...At heart it’s a study in contrapuntal systems, with compositions full of whirring gears." - Nate Chinen, New York Times

"Anna Webber’s wildly creative debut, Third Floor People, defies categorization. This talented tenor player/flutist boldly deconstructs jazz and other genres and anyone seeking solace in the arms of a theme-solos-theme format need not apply." - Terrell Holmes, All About Jazz New York

"Flutist, saxist and composer Anna Webber celebrates her new disc, Third Floor People, a whimsical yet exacting session that's likely to strike a chord with devotees of eclectic downtown jazz." - Hank Shteamer, Time Out New York

"Those who stand up and give the finger to the status quo must be honored. New York saxophonist/flautist Anna Webber does exactly that, with a recording that brags not one, but two bass-less quartets…. Webber takes no prisoners, bayoneting the wounded as she leaves the field of battle..." - C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

"Flute player and tenor saxophonist Anna Webber’s debut recording introduces an artist who has plenty of ideas and is not shy about sharing them…Webber displays a taste for experimentation yet keeps a destination in mind, no matter how sinuous the path." -Michael Roberts, Jazziz

"…robust, facile tenor saxophone lines…" -Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

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