ALTERNATILLA JAZZ IN MALLORCA is a jazz festival which promotes the culture exchange of musicians from different cultural backgrounds.

In the festival’s program we can find stablished artists that have already got an international recognition, together with up and coming names which represent the future of the music scene in the country. The festival roster includes also a curated selection of musicians from the island, together with a few relevant names from the Spanish mainland scene.

Every year we are repeating last year’s magic formula: a daily concert during the two weeks of the festival; a carefully curated selection of artists from the guest country; provoking and promoting the dialogue and fraternisation of musicians through the hybrid concerts; not just focusing in one venue or city but travelling throughout the whole island; and including a side program of educational activities. And always with utmost respect for the public, looking after and taking care of even the smallest details so everyone can enjoy the music in the best possible conditions, with a fine production and all the care required by the very special occasion.
  • 2016 Holanda
  • 2017 Noruega
  • 2018 Poland

From november 21th to december 8th 2019 Alternatilla Jazz In Mallorca festival returns for the fourth consecutive year and this time the guest country is Portugal.

Three weeks of festival, in differents towns and venues, with 30 activities: 18 activities at the parallel program with 12 didactic concerts and 6 music workshops, in addition to the 13 official concerts with prominents protagonists of the international, national and local jazz scene.

IV edition program with Portugal:
Andrea Motis Band (Catalunya), Ricardo Toscano Quartet (Portugal), Alternatilla Jazz Band (Portugal, Mallorca), Clara Gorrias Quartet (Menorca, Catalunya), Maria Joao Quartet (Portugal), AJIM’19 Jazz Quartet v1 (Portugal, Mallorca), Mano a Mano+Marta Garrett (Portugal), The Rite of Trio (Portugal), AJIM’19 Jazz Quartet v2 (Portugal, Spain, Menorca), Joao Barradas Group (Portugal), Bruno Calvo Quartet (Spain, Italy, Holland), Glissando Big Band (Mallorca).