60th Jazz Festival Ljubljana

18.–22. 6. 2019

60 Years of the Jazz Festival Ljubljana
Although originally a showcase of Yugoslav jazz, founded in Bled in 1960, featuring big bands, soloists and small bands, the festival expanded its programme the following year to include ensembles from Europe and the cradle of jazz, USA. Different national jazz scenes were gradually revealed to us, while more and more of our artists performed their own compositions. Cankarjev dom took over the event’s organisation in early 1980s. Its programming was entrusted to numerous connoisseurs of jazz and related music genres, including Stane Sušnik, Zoran Pistotnik, Lado Jakša, Brane Rončel, Jani Kovačič, Oliver Belopeta and David Braun, and more recently Pedro Costa and Edin Zubčević as co-curators with Bogdan Benigar, Cankarjev dom’s Jazz and Music of the World Programme Director. Throughout its venerable history, the festival has hosted a great number of legendary names, both figures who have importantly impacted modern jazz (Krzysztof Komeda, Modern Jazz Quartet, Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, Reggie Workman, Pharoah Sanders, Stan Getz, Bill Evans, Charles Lloyd, Max Roach, Herbie Hancock, Charlie Haden, Archie Shepp) and musicians representing new and avant-garde tendencies (Cecil Taylor, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Anthony Braxton, Sonny Sharrock, Joe McPhee, Peter Brötzmann, Ornette Coleman, Pat Metheny, Sun Ra Arkestra, Italian Instabile Orchestra, Vienna Art Orchestra, ICP Orchestra), artists belonging to the younger and middle generations whose improvisation and experimentation expand the conventional understanding of jazz (Medeski, Martin & Wood, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Nate Wooley, Rob Mazurek, Shabaka Hutchings, Hamid Drake, Paal Nilssen-Love, Vijay Iyer, Peter Evans, Satoko Fujii, William Parker), as well as some prominent names from the world of popular music, including Mercedes Sosa and Gregory Porter. The festival’s praiseworthy roles include fostering national creativity and international promotion of Slovenian jazz. Among others, global audiences are reached through the Ljubljana Jazz Series releases recorded in partnership with the renowned Clean Feed label. In 2018, the oldest European jazz festival was presented with Europe Jazz Network’s Award for Adventurous Programming.
Mario Batelić
Youth and Vitality of the 60th Jazz Festival Ljubljana
When a glorious past meets a bright future

The Jazz Festival Ljubljana's sixtieth edition is a meeting point of glorious past and bright future. We wish to build upon this long tradition and rich past by presenting the actual situation on both global and Slovenian music scenes. This year, John Zorn is returning to Ljubljana with The Bagatelles Marathon, alongside 14 stellar bands, also gifting the audience, in celebration of the festival’s jubilee, with a free, exclusive recital – The Hermetic Organ. On this occasion, French actor and director Mathieu Amalric will present his films, John Zorn 2010–2019. This year’s festival, once again, reflects not only its own aesthetics, but also the current Slovenian scene. An especially important part of the programme is composed of Slovenian musicians belonging to different generations, with various styles and approaches. Since they have contributed to the growth and advancement of this community, we are including, along with the established musicians, a plethora of young musicians in the programme. We believe they will, soon enough, become a part of the music community, not only Slovenia’s, but also beyond. This year, a record number of Slovenian artists (both male and female) are going to perform, presenting their new bands and new music. The festival will close with a concert by Snarky Puppy, supported by a Slovenian ensemble, Ecliptic, at Križanke, Jazz Festival Ljubljana’s second home. We invite you all to enjoy the youth and vitality of the 60th Jazz Festival Ljubljana. We believe that this year’s programme has something for everyone, not making aesthetic compromises or wishing to persuade potential new and loyal old audiences but offering a new challenge of music experience for everyone. Come to the 60th Jazz Festival Ljubljana, a meeting point of different generations of musicians and diverse musical practices. Join us in celebrating the festival’s sixtieth anniversary! Welcome to the 60th Jazz Festival Ljubljana!
Bogdan Benigar and Edin Zubčević


Monday 17/6 at 21.00

Before the opening
Paal Nilssen-Love: New Brazilian Funk
Paulinho Bicolor, cuíca; Felipe Zenicola, bass; Kiko Dinucci, guitar; Frode Gjerstad, alto saxophone; Paal Nilssen-Love, drums
Imagine a meeting between Ornette Coleman and Hermeto Pascoal. Alternating grooves and clear references to samba, as well as an inclusion of a special attraction to round off the line-up – the Brazilian cuíca drum. After the Roskilde Festival premiere, this will be the second time that the drumming guru of the century showcases his new project, a new-found love that has likewise inspired Nilssen-Love’s Large Unit. Masterful and inspiring.
In co-production with Defonija
Gromka Club, 18, 15* EUR

Tuesday 18/6 after the concert Alphabet II – Nina Virant
Opening Ceremony in the Park
Tuesday 18/6 at 18.30
RTV Slovenia Big Band and New York-based Slovenian soloists
Jernej Bervar, guitar; Marko Črnčec, piano; Vid Jamnik, vibraphone; Jan Kus, saxophone; Igor Lumpert, saxophone; Žan Tetičkovič, drums; Tadej Tomšič, conductor

RTV Slovenia Big Band’s special project has been put together expressly for our festival’s jubilee edition. The soloists include internationally renowned New York-based Slovenian musicians belonging to the middle and younger generations. Each of the six artists will perform an original composition.

Gallus Hall, 18, 15* EUR

Tuesday 18/6 at 21.00
John Zorn Hermetic Organ (USA)
John Zorn, organ
The music is breathtakingly beautiful and distinguished by a spiritual mood that only a huge pipe organ can create. A perfect outlet for Zorn's dramatic sense of colour and contrast, we hear the composer’s mind at work in all its bizarre permutations – huge blocks of sound, chords, clusters, counterpoint, drones, ostinatos, lyrical melodies and more – often all at the same time.

Gallus Hall, admission free, seat selection is free
Tuesday 18/6 at 22.00
Fire! with Mariam Wallentin (Sweden, Norway)
Mats Gustafsson, reeds; Jo Myhre, bass; Andreas Werliin, drums; Mariam Wallentin, vocals, gong
The tenth anniversary of the Swedish super trio and seven years since its first Slovenian appearance in the Tuesday Clubbing series. The gig features singer Mariam Wallentin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums), who was guest vocalist on the trio’s debut album, You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago, and then featured as member of the extended Fire! Orchestra line-up. A decelerated – accelerated psychedelic journey into a unique fusion of garage rock and free jazz.

CD Club, 18, 15* EUR
Wednesday 19/6 at 17.00
60th Jazz Festival Ljubljana welcomes the 40th Jazz Festival Saalfelden
Mats Gustafsson & Ken Vandermark (Sweden, USA)
Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, reeds
A special festival project by musicians known for rapidly producing an incredible musical output – together or in their own right. What’s more, they knew how to place their music into a historical context and relate it to art at large. And, most importantly, by developing a specific relationship with their listeners the two artists succeeded in cutting the Gordian knot and building an open music community of planetary dimensions.
Park, main stage, admission free
Wednesday 19/6 at 17.45
40. Jazz festival Saalfelden Presents
Manu Mayr solo + Synesthetic 4 (Austria)
Manu Mayr, bass; Synesthetic 4: Vincent Pongracz, clarinet; Peter Rom, guitar; Manu Mayr, bass; Andreas Lettner, drums
It is no coincidence that this special event will be premiered by one of the recent years’ most prominent Austrian music figures who has made a name for himself by giving solo performances and playing with bands that include Kompost 3. His is also the opening act of the forthcoming 40th Jazz Festival Saalfelden. The notable clarinet player Vincent Pongrácz, whose blend of jazz and hip-hop has been delighting the audiences for years, is the driving force behind Synesthetic 4. The band’s specialties are synthesising aesthetic components and combining avantgarde artistic values with quality entertainment.
Park, main stage, admission free
Wednesday 19/6 at 19.00
John Zorn Bagatelles Marathon (USA)
From March to May 2015 John Zorn wrote 300 new compositions collected in a book of music called The Bagatelles. This special marathon concert features 14 different ensembles performing over 50 compositions from Zorn’s expansive new book of music. Including core members of Zorn’s inner circle as well as exciting young players from the worlds of rock, jazz and classical music, the Bagatelles Marathon is a fascinating microcosm of the Zorn universe. Four hours of non-stop creativity featuring some of the most exciting musicians of New York City’s vibrant downtown community. 
John Zorn, alto saxophone; Dave Douglas, trumpet; Greg Cohen, double bass; Joey Baron, drums
The classic quartet itself!
Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman
Sylvie Courvoisier, piano; Mark Feldman, violin
A spectacular classical violin recital
Mary Halvorson Quartet
Mary Halvorson, Miles Okazaki, guitar; Drew Gress, double bass; Tomas Fujiwara, drums
Thrilling new arrangements for a classic instrumentation
Craig Taborn solo 
Craig Taborn, piano
Solo piano touching Ives, Schoenberg, Cecil Taylor and Herbie Hancock
Will Greene, guitar; Simon Hanes, bass; Aaron Edgcomb, drums
Three 20-something punks rock the house.
Erik Friedlander & Michael Nicolas
Erik Friedlander, Michael Nicolas, cello
Sensitive and powerful cello duets
John Medeski Trio
John Medeski, keyboards; Dave Fiuczynski, guitar; Calvin Weston, drums
A gonzo jazz-rock organ trio
Nova Quartet    
John Medeski, piano, keyboards; Kenny Wollesen, vibraphone; Trevor Dunn, bass; Joey Baron, drums
A modern jazz quartet on acid!
Gyan Riley & Julian Lage
Gyan Riley, Julian Lage, guitar
A delicate guitar duo that sets the standard for what the Bagatelles is all about.
Brian Marsella Trio
Brian Marsella, piano; Trevor Dunn, bass; Kenny Wollesen, drums
A fabulous virtuosic piano trio
Ikue Mori solo
Ikue Mori, live electronics
Laptop realizations by living legend Ikue Mori
Kris Davis Quartet
Kris Davis, piano; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Drew Gress, double bass; Kenny Wollesen, drums
Exhilarating and soulful interpretations of the Bagatelles by four master musicians
Peter Evans solo
Peter Evans, trumpet
The trumpet reimagined by a brilliant young virtuoso
Marc Ribot, guitar; Trevor Dunn, bass; Kenny Grohowski, drums
The craziest classic rock power trio ever
Gallus Hall, 33, 25* EUR
Thursday 20/6 at 18.00
Joëlle Léandre solo (France)
Joëlle Léandre, double bass
Joëlle Léandre is a one-woman encyclopaedia of music. Her distinguished career is a treasure trove of musical collaborations, artistic creations and bravura performances either in various ensembles, most notably female line-ups, or solo projects. If America has William Parker, Europe has Joëlle Léandre. Her exceptional talent was recognised by both John Cage and Giancinto Scelsi, as well as Pierre Boulez and many other composers and musicians. One can speak neither about double bass nor music without referring to Joëlle Léandre.

Štih Hall, 12, 9* EUR
Thursday 20/6 at 19.00
Kaja Draksler Octet (Slovenia, Iceland, Latvia, Argentina, The Netherlands, Romania, Belgium)
Kaja Draksler, piano; Björk Nielsdottir, Laura Polence, vocals; Ada Rave, saxophone; Ab Baars, clarinet; George Dumitriu, violin; Lennart Heyndels, double bass; Onno Govaert, drums
One of Slovenia’s most creative musicians continues her explorative integration of jazz, classical music and poetry, a style first developed with her octet on the lauded debut album Gledalec (Clean Feed, 2017). The octet has presented a new set of compositions, musical settings of poems by Robert Frost, at various festivals, including Tampere Jazz Happening, Krakowska Jesień Jazzowa and North Sea Jazz Festival.
CD Club, 12, 9* EUR
Thursday 20/6 at 20.00
Jan Kus & The Slavo Rican Assembly (Slovenia, Serbia, Puerto Rico, Cuba)
Jan Kus, saxophones, effects; Aleksandra Denda, vocals; Gabriel Vicéns, guitar; Ahmed Alom Vega, piano, keyboards; Dan Martínez, bass; Victor Pablo, percussion; Žan Tetičkovič aka Jean John, drums
New York-based Slovenian expatriate Jan Kus’ new ensemble draws inspiration from the sax player’s roots and the experiences he acquired as member of the Fernando García Sextet, a renowned Latin-jazz formation. Kus explores the similarities and differences between Porto Rican (and broader, Caribbean) and Slavic/Balkan music traditions – ranging from melancholy to fervency.
Park main stage, admission free
Thursday 20/6 at 20.50
Hofmaninger & Schwarz (Austria)
Lisa Hofmaninger, soprano saxophone; Judith Schwarz, drums
Lisa Hofmaninger and Judith Schwarz are strengthening their long and successful partnership with an examination of a prototypical musical line-up that originates from the Middle East (davul & zurna drum and wind duo). Taking cue from the ancient past, the instrumentation morphs into a contemporary dialogue that interlaces onomatopoeia and composition with free improvisation.

Park, Ancient Tree Stage, admission free
Thursday 20/6 at 21.30
Kukushai (Slovenia)
Eva Poženel, vocals; Rok Zalokar, piano, keyboards; Bojan Krhlanko, drums
The trio play a highly elusive hybrid genre that blends elements of jazz, pop, punk, avant-garde and experimental music. Including a hefty dose of improvisation in their live music-making, the band’s variations on their dreamy and abstract English-language songs add a whole new spin on the music. Slovenian premiere of a new album.
Park, main stage, admission free
Thursday 20/6 at 22.30
Nubya Garcia (Great Britain)
Over the recent years, Nubya Garcia has been one of the leading forces behind the revival of young, jazz-influenced and club-conscious sounds in the UK. Together with Shabaka Hutchings, Kokoroko and some other artists, Nubya has invigorated London’s jazz-groove scene. After a hiatus of several decades, Nubya’s take on jazz has emerged to provide young people with a sense of identity and build a connecting link between tradition and modernity.

CD Club, 22, 19* EUR
Friday 21/6 at 18.00
Drago Ivanuša: La Bête humaine
Drago Ivanuša, piano
Ivanuša’s project is based on a film by Jean Renoir, a 1938 screen version of Émile Zola’s novel La Bête humaine (The Human Beast). Grounding his music in the idea that piano “echoes society in a highly accurate and complex manner”, Ivanuša’s compositions provide “a musical view of our time”, a sound commentary on today’s tension that, according to the pianist, can be likened to the atmosphere of acute crisis that was building up during the making of the film.
Linhart Hall, 18, 15* EUR (admission to both 21/6 concerts in LH)
Friday 21/6 at 19.00
Mammal Hands (Great Britain)
Jordan Smart, saxophones; Nick Smart, piano, keyboards; Jesse Barrett, drums
Listening to this young English trio is always a unique experience. Their music acts as a remedy that restores one’s spiritual and physical equilibrium. Although compared to GoGo Penguin, the artists have asserted themselves as a band whose inimitable sound and live virtuosity reflect Sufi and Western African, contemporary classical and jazz music influences. Undoubtedly one of the last decade’s most impressive jazz trios.
Linhart Hall, 18, 15* EUR (admission to both 21/6 concerts in LH)
Friday 21/6 at 20.00
Mihael Hrustelj solo (Slovenia)
Mihael Hrustelj, guitar, vocals
Mihael Hrustelj started playing guitar at age 13. He first embarked on his musical career as member of metal and rock cover bands, then joining various big bands and fusion formations. Asserting himself as a Rotterdam-based classical guitarist, Hrustelj engages in exploration of sound and genre blending, combining classical music with jazz and reggae, rock and traditional music.
Park, main stage, admission free
Friday 21/6 at 21.30
Črnčec, Teepe, Hart Churnchetz, Teepe, Hart (Slovenia, The Netherlands, USA)
Marko Črnčec, piano; Joris Teepe, double bass; Billy Hart, drums
Pianist Marko Črnčec (Churnchetz), who has settled in his adopted City of New York, will present Brooklyn Sessions (Jazz Tribes, 2019), the debut album of his trio that includes Dutch-American bassist Joris Teepe and legendary drummer Billy Hart (b. 1940; his references include collaborations with M. Davis and H. Hancock). The trio adventurously pushes the envelope of jazz, while building upon the foundations of its history.
Park, main stage, admission free
Friday 21/6 at 22.30
Made To Break (USA, Austria, The Netherlands)
Ken Vandermark, reeds; Christof Kurzmann, live electronics; Jasper Stadhouders, bass; Tim Daisy, drums
From Vandermark 5 through Territory Band and Powerhouse Sound to the most recent line-ups Made to Break and Marker, Ken Vandermark’s projects provide an ongoing insight into the development of creative music. In forming the American-European Made To Break, Vandermark devised a compositional framework that is capable of being restructured for each live performance and explores melody, sound and rhythm from a truly unique perspective.

CD Club, 18, 15* EUR (admission to both 21/6 concerts in the CD Club)
Friday 21/6 at 23.45
Clean Feed Presents: The Rite of Trio (Portugal)
André Silva, guitar; Filipe Louro, double bass; Pedro Alves, drums
First creating a strong impact with their debut album in their home country, the Porto threesome’s appearance at the 12 Points Festival rocketed them to international stardom. The trio’s high-powered and confident performances make an impression on both jazz and metal fans, shatter myths and display the latest trends in young generation’s interest in jazz and all the positive things surrounding it.  

CD Club, 18, 15* EUR (admission to both 21/6 concerts in the CD Club)
Saturday 22/6 at 15.00
Chromatic Vortex (Slovenia, Croatia, Cuba, USA) + Clean Feed meets Jazz Fest Sarajevo (reception)
Igor Lumpert, tenor saxophone; Lana Cencić, vocals, percussion; Aruan Ortiz, piano; Tomeka Reid, cello; Chad Taylor, drums
After delighting the audiences with his excellent New York line-up Innertextures, US-based saxist Igor Lumpert will present another international project composed of world-class musicians. Lumpert’s compositions, penned together with Cuban pianist Aruán Ortiz, will draw analogies between creative, i.e. improvised, music and Balkan motifs.

CD Club, 18, 15* EUR (includes reception)
Saturday 22/6 at 17.00   
Big Band of the Academy of Music in Ljubljana
Matej Hotko, conductor; Matija Marion, Benjamin Aganlić, alto saxophone; Jan Koželj, Štefan Starc, tenor saxophone; Tilen Zavec, baritone saxophone; Matej Kravcar, Jernej Maček, Lenart Zih, Ištvan Tadian, Tadej Vujanić, Kristjan Zupan, trumpet; Matjaž Kafol, Tine Plahutnik, Žan Kopše, Matic Kovač, trombone; Blaž Avsenik, Jean Markič, piano; Jošt Lampret, double bass; Primož Podobnik, drums; Otmar Taber, guitar; Črt Pšeničnik, Lazaro Amed Hierrezuelo, Žiga Šercer, percussion; Danilo Ženko, Sara Ritonija, sound technician; Jaka Pucihar, Head of Jazz Department
The Big Band of the Academy of Music in Ljubljana has been led by bass player Assist. Prof. Matej Hotko since its formation in the academic year 2011/2012. The orchestra held a widely-heralded concert in the Kazina Hall (Casino Building) in that same year, followed by nationwide performances (Prešeren Square, Slovenian Philharmonic Hall) and foreign tours (Austria, Germany, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia).

Park, main stage, Admission free
Saturday 22/6 at 19.00
Fish in Oil (Serbia)
Veljko Nikolić - Papa Nik, percussion; Tom Fedja Franklin, drums; Branislav Radojković, bass; Bratislav Radovanović, guitar; Dušan Petrović, saxophone
Fish in Oil perform original instrumental music, flavoured with a bit of blues, rock’n’roll, surf, folk, free jazz and film-music atmosphere, at the same time refusing to be classified under any of these. The music of this band accurately reflects the time and region it comes from; this is an intriguing mixture of western and eastern cosmologies, a fusion of history and contemporary life.
Park, main stage, admission free
Saturday 22/6 at 21.00
Ecliptic (Slovenia)
Jani Moder, guitar, effects; Igor Matković, trumpet, electronics; Jani Hace, bass, effects; Žiga Kožar, drums, percussion; Murat, beatbox, effects
The newly-formed band comprises seasoned, mid-career musicians involved in the jazz, rock and hip-hop scenes. Ecliptic’s fine-spun music, which the artists perceive as a “live, variable and unbiased creativity”, fluidly integrates jazz, drum and bass, ambient electronic music, and what have you. Premiere of the band’s first album, The Path of 01.
Križanke, 46, 42* EUR (admission to both 22/6 concerts in Križanke)
Saturday 22/6 at 22.00
Snarky Puppy (USA)
Michael League, bass; Louis Cato, drums; Marcelo Woloski, percussion; Bob Lanzetti, guitar; Shaun Martin, keys; Justin Stanton, keys, trumpet; Bobby Sparks, keys; Chris Bullock, sax, flute; Maz »Mike« Maher, trumpet and flugel; Matt Recchia, mons; Mason Davis, drum tech
One of the most exciting music bands of the century is coming to Ljubljana: a category-defying jazz music figure putting its own trademark twist to the genre. The fusion-influenced collective, affectionately known as "The Fam," displays a rare and delicate mixture of sophisticated composition, harmony and improvisation. Formed in Denton, Texas, in 2004, Snarky Puppy includes over 30 musicians centred around bassist, composer and bandleader Michael League. Snarky Puppy’s gig will feature a selection of 12 musicians from the rotating cast. The band has won three Grammy Awards, two for Best Instrumental Album and one for Best R&B Performance.

Co-production: Cankarjev dom and Kino Šiška
In cooperation with Musicology Barcaffe Sessions
The concert has been relocated from Kino Šiška to Križanke due to great demand.
Križanke, 46, 42* EUR (admission to both 22/6 concerts in Križanke)
Alphabet II and Young Explorers II
Tuesday 18/6 at 17.30
Alphabet II – Nina Virant (Slovenia, Russia)
LAS.: Alla Blehman, vocals, flute, live electronics, percussion; Nina Virant, vocals, percussion
Russian and Slovenian musicians met while studying in Amsterdam. Their project LAS. features musical settings of poems about mountains, rivers, human laughter, dances and personal habits. Through authentic sounds and rhythms derived from time-honoured traditions the artists seek to approach our ancestors, i.e. the roots of our common Slavic culture.

Park, Ancient Tree Stage, admission free
Wednesday 19/6 at 16.30
Alphabet II – Maj Kavšek
Maj Kavšek Trio: Jure Slapar, guitar; Samo Hude, piano; Maj Kavšek, trumpet
Three good friends belonging to the youngest generation of jazz musicians formed their trio four years ago. The band’s modus operandi rests on writing original compositions and creating distinctive sound as a group. The bandleader sketches a soundscape, which is then developed collectively by vibrantly improvising variations on different moods.
Park, Ancient Tree Stage, admission free
Thursday 20/6 at 17.30

Alphabet II – Veronika Kumar
K: Tobija Hudnik, guitar; Rebeka Zajc, keyboards; Luka Matić, drums; Jošt Lampret, double bass; Veronika Kumar, vocals
The artistic collective going by the name of K brings together some of the most promising young musicians. The band not only aim to blend diverse music genres, but also blur the boundaries among different forms of artists expression – something that exceeds the expectations of general audiences but never ceases to amaze discerning listeners.

Park, Ancient Tree Stage, admission free
Friday 21/6 at 20.50
Young Explorers II – Gašper Livk
Code:source: Gašper Livk, double bass, processing; Brina Kren, baritone and alto saxophones; Neža Zupanc, flute; Filip Mozetič, drums, processing; Lenart de Bock, alto and soprano saxophone; Leonard Medica, guitar, processing
The band led by Gašper Livk was formed during the Young Explorers II workshop at this year’s Jazz Cerkno, where it also gave its first concert. Conducted by Dre Hočevar, the workshop aims to empower musicians by employing a methodology that “emancipates them from institutional and culturological paradigms”.

Park, Ancient Tree Stage, admission free
Saturday 22/6 at 11.30
Alphabet II Orchestra
Matej Kastelic, vocals, piano; Neža Okorn, vocals; Urška Paradiž, piano; Rok Furlan, trumpet; Milica Vujadinovi, saxophone; Marco Risolino, piano; Klara Horvat, piano; Baya Rinchinova, flute; Lovro Mirth, vocals; Otmar Taber, guitar; Jakob Mundt, double bass; Francesco Toninelli, percussion; Aurelijus Užameckis, double bass; Andro Manzoni, percussion; Aleksandar Koruga, electronics; Marco D’Orlando, drums; Staša Guček, AEI; Jakob Žerdin, drums; Blaž Pahor, piano; David Križaj, piano; Miloš Čolović, double bass; Urška Preis, harp, electronics; Urška Savič, electronics; Gaj Bostič, drums; Tine Plahutnik, trombone; Julijan Kunej, drums; Brina Varga, flute; Vita Kobal, violin; Guillaume Lefebvre, double bass; Martin Vera Guerra, oboe; Max Elias Balateu, trombone; Lana Petrovič, vocals, piano; Luka Poljanec, drums; Jan Koželj, tenor saxophone; Zala Rus, saxophone; Rok Gerl, trumpet; Matic Štemberger, piano; Katarina Samobor, vocals; Jon An Herlič, trumpet; David Vinazza, guitar; Jure Sulič, trombone; Celeste Sanja Smareglia, saxophone; David Nik Lipovac, drums; Lucija Furlani, cello; Vid Šketa, trumpet; Domen Cizej, drums; Tilen Lebar, saxophone; Jonathan Hergesell, saxophone; Luka Benčič, double bass; Nina Korošak Serčić, drums; Anja Mikulan, vocals; Maj Kavšek, trumpet; Gašper Livk, bass; Veronika Kumar, vocals; Nina Virant, vocals; Domen Bohte, bass; Tomaž Zupančič, guitar; Urban Megušar, cello; Ignas Kasikauskas, drums; Danielius Pancerovas, saxophone
Flying on the wings of last year’s success, the Alphabet workshop led by Dré A. Hočevar will confront 80 young artists from Slovenia and Europe with “the development of their own, contemporary forms of expression”. Individual band performances will be rounded off by a full orchestral concert on the last festival day. “Alphabet improvises. Alphabet ushers in a new era.”
Park, admission free
Saturday 22/6 at 18.00
Alphabet II – Domen Bohte
C H I M E R A: Carolina Giannakopoulou, vocals; Domen Bohte, 6-string bass guitar, effects

The Greek-Slovenian duo first performed together in 2016, at Giannakopoulou's graduation concert, then continued to expand its repertoire and focus on new arrangements. Their playlist encompasses both original compositions and covers of songs by artists as diverse as J. Mitchell, D. Bowie, Radiohead, L. Mvula, Thundercat and J. Blake.

Park, Ancient Tree Stage, admission free
Accompanying programme
Pre-festival events

Tuesday 4/6 at 12.00
60 Years of Jazz Festival Ljubljana’s Posters
Exibition opening (until 30/9 2019)
The exhibited jazz posters are some of the finest examples of innovative, daring and imaginative graphic solutions that have accumulated (and survived) throughout the sixty years of the Jazz Festival Ljubljana.
Individual artistic interpretations of the featured artists’ jazz themes speak about the essence of jazz: a unique and multi-faceted genre that – like jazz posters on paper – conveys different moods through music.
Selection and accompanying text: Maja Gspan
Avla NLB Gallery, vstop prost admission free
Wednesday 5/6 at 18.00–22.00
How jazz sounds in books?
Given that in various ways music and literature together make a winning combination, the festival whose hometown is Ljubljana – UNESCO City of Literature – has chosen to incorporate literature into its programme.
Book selection
Connoisseurs Miha Zadnikar, Ičo Vidmar and Tina Lešničar will compile a list of great jazz reads. The titles will be available for reading and browsing at Cankarjev dom’s Idealist Bar.
Mini book fair
Books on jazz – fiction, biographies, autobiographies, mainly in Slovenian translation, and photo books – will be on sale at the Saturday fair in the CD Park.
18.00 Jazz in Books, Jazz All Around, lecture and music tasting by Miha Zadnikar.

19.30 Ičo Vidmar and Miha Zadnikar, presentation of selected jazz books.
20.00 Piš čez Grom: poet Primož Čučnik and instrumentalist Tomaž Grom improvising variations on poems collected in Piš čez sen (LUD Literatura 2019).
21.00 But Beautiful (Cankarjeva založba 2018) by British author Geoff Dyer is a work of fiction that draws on known and available photographs and biographies of jazz giants. Book presentation and reading in the company of translator Tina Mahkota.
Partners: Ljubljana, UNESCO City of Literature, and Vodnik Homestead Šiška, LUD Literatura and Slovenian book publishers
Vodnik Homestead, admission free
Monday 17/6
Before the opening
19.30: Žiga Koritnik: Cloud 9
Exhibition opening (until 1/9 2019)
”Žiga is a ‘Muse-ician,’ one who makes magic with the muses. With his mind’s eye, he has the ability to move faster than the speed of light, to capture moments in time and share them with the world through his photographs. The camera in his hands transforms shadow and light from commonplace into truly extraordinary human experiences. He is an improviser, a chronicler of life in real time, a poet, a philosopher, a free spirit, a song in anticipation of being sung.” Joe McPhee
Small Gallery, admission free
Tuesday 18/6
Documentary films
17.00 John Zorn 2010–16
By Mathieu Amalric, France, 2017, 54 minut
Kinodvor (Let It Roll, Music Film Festival), 4’50 EUR, both screenings 6 EUR
19.45 John Zorn 2016–18
By Mathieu Amalric, France, 2018, 57 minut
Kosovel Hall CD, 4’50 EUR, both screenings 6 EUR
Friendship between Mathieu Amalric and John Zorn began in 2010. Whenever the opportunity for a meeting arises, Amalric brings his camera. The result of these encounters are his two films.
The director will be present at both screenings.
Friday 21/6
17.00 Cloud Arrangers
Presentation of a book by Žiga Koritnik
Talk hosted by Sonja Porle
M1 CD, admission free
Saturday 22/6
9.30 Boštjan Gombač & Zlatko Kaučič
Concert for children (aged between 1 and 99)
Zlatko Kaučič, percussion; Boštjan Gombač, all other instruments
A journey across diverse music genres with active involvement of children.
Park, Ancient Tree Stage, admission free
9.30–18.00 Jazz Bazaar
Music fair
Park, admission free
14.00 Francesco Martinelli: Italian Opera and Jazz
Opera and jazz. For many, two opposite poles of musical expression, with no connection whatsoever. In fact, the reality is more complex, and an historical and musical analysis proves the role of opera in the rich musical fabric of New Orleans that gave birth to jazz. Operatic melodies were used as raw material by many exponents of early jazz - King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton and Sidney Bechet among others. A Bechet recording will be the centrepiece of the presentation with a view to shedding light on the crucial meaning of quotation in historical context.
M1 CD, admission free
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