60th Jazz Festival Ljubljana

In 2019, Jazz Festival Ljubljana is celebrating its 60th anniversary, thus defending the title of Europe’s oldest continually running jazz festival. Between 18–22 June 2019, jazzy tunes will again echo through Cankarjev dom, Council of Europe Park, Križanke and other venues across Ljubljana.

Europe’s oldest jazz festival won the Europe Jazz Network Award for Adventurous Programming in 2018. Although over the past decade the focus has been on contemporary practices and improvisations, the festival regularly features tradition-based musical expressions, a fine example of which is the national RTV Slovenia Big Band. Special attention is devoted to exclusive projects and world- or Slovenian premieres. The festival plays a highly important role as a breeding ground for new, as yet unestablished talents – an endeavour that has recently gained prominence through concerts by workshop attendees. Seeking to foster budding young creativity, the festival has expanded its presence to include other venues, spreading beyond the stages of its producer Cankarjev dom – where John Zorn will play the Gallus Hall organ (!) this year, and his music will be performed in a concert marathon by as many as fourteen ensembles. The Križanke open-air theatre will play host to jaw-dropping American band Snarky Puppy.
Includes all concerts, films, lectures...
Only 60 passes at EUR 90

Before the opening
MON 17/6
19.30 Žiga Koritnik, exhibition opening, Small Gallery
21.00 Paal Nilssen-Love: New Brazilian Funk
Paulinho Bicolor, cuíca; Felipe Zenicola, bass; Kiko Dinucci, guitar; Frode Gjerstad, alto saxophone; Paal Nilssen-Love, drums
Gromka Club, 18, 15* EUR
In cooperation with Defonija

TUE 18/6
17.30 Alphabet 1
Park, Ancient Tree Stage
Opening Ceremony in the Park
18.30 RTV Slovenia Big Band and New York-based Slovenian soloists: Jernej Bervar, Marko Črnčec, Vid Jamnik, Jan Kus, Igor Lumpert in Žan Tetičkovič; conductor Tadej Tomšič
Jernej Bervar, guitar; Marko Črnčec, piano;  Vid Jamnik, vibraphone;  Jan Kus, saxophone; Igor Lumpert, saxophone; Žan Tetičkovič, drums
Gallus Hall, 18, 15* EUR
19.45 Film: John Zorn 2016-2018, By Mathieu Amalric
Kosovel Hall
21.00 John Zorn Hermetic Organ (USA)
John Zorn, organ
Gallus Hall, admission free. Seat selection is free.
22.00 Fire! with Mariam Wallentin (Sweden, Norway)
Mats Gustafsson, reeds; Jo Myhre, bass; Andreas Werliin, drums; Mariam Wallentin, vocals, gong
CD Club, 18, 15* EUR
WED 19/6
16.30 Alphabet 2
Park, Ancient Tree Stage
17.45 60th Jazz Festival Ljubljana welcome 40th Jazz Festival Saalfelden
Mats Gustafsson & Ken Vandermark (Sweden, USA)
Mats Gustafsson, reeds; Ken Vandermark, reeds
Park, main stage
18.00 40th Jazz Festival Saalfelden Presents:
Manu Mayr solo + Synesthetic 4 (Austria)
Manu Mayr, bass; Synesthetic 4: Vincent Pongracz, clarinet; Peter Rom, guitar; Manu Mayr, bass; Andreas Lettner, drums
Park, main stage
19.00 John Zorn Bagatelles Marathon (USA)
John Zorn, alto saxophone; Dave Douglas, trumpet; Greg Cohen, double bass; Joey Baron, drums
Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman
Sylvie Courvoisier, piano; Mark Feldman, violin
Mary Halvorson Quartet
Mary Halvorson, guitar; Miles Okazaki, guitar; Drew Gress, double bass; Tomas Fujiwara, drums
Craig Taborn solo 
Craig Taborn, piano
Will Greene, guitar; Simon Hanes, bass; Aaron Edgcomb, drums
Erik Friedlander & Michael Nicolas
Erik Friedlander, cello, Michael Nicolas, cello
John Medeski Trio
John Medeski, keyboards; Dave Fiuczynski, guitar; Calvin Weston, drums
Nova Quartet    
John Medeski, piano, keyboards; Kenny Wollesen, vibraphone; Trevor Dunn, bass; Joey Baron, drums
Gyan Riley & Julian Lage
Gyan Riley, guitar; Julian Lage, guitar;
Brian Marsella Trio
Brian Marsella, piano; Trevor Dunn, bass; Kenny Wollesen, drums
Ikue Mori solo
Ikue Mori, live electronics
Kris Davis
Kris Davis, piano; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Drew Gress, double bass; Kenny Wollesen, drums
Peter Evans solo
Peter Evans, trumpet
Marc Ribot, guitar; Trevor Dunn, bass; Kenny Grohowski, drums
Gallus Hall, 33, 25* EUR
THU 20/6
17.30 Alphabet 3
Park, Ancient Tree Stage
18.00 Joëlle Léandre solo (France)
Joëlle Léandre, double bass
Štih Hall, 12, 9*EUR
19.00 Kaja Draksler Octet (Slovenia, Iceland, Latvia, Argentina, the Netherlands, Romania, Belgium)
Kaja Draksler, piano; Björk Nielsdottir, vocals; Laura Polence, vocals; Ada Rave, saxophone; Ab Baars, clarinet; George Dumitriu, violin, Lennart Heyndels, double bass; Onno Govaert, drums
CD Club, 12, 9*EUR
20.00 Jan Kus & The Slavo Rican Assembly (Slovenia, Serbia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela)
Jan Kus (SLO), saxophones, effects; Aleksandra Denda (SRB), vocals; Gabriel Vicéns (PR), guitar; Gabriel Chakarji (VE), piano, keyboards; Dan Martínez (PR), bass; Victor Pablo (PR), percussion; Žan Tetičkovič aka Jean John (SLO), drums
Park, main stage
20.50 Hofmaninger & Schwarz (Austria)
Lisa Hofmaninger, soprano saxophone; Judith Schwarz, drums
Park, Ancient Tree Stage
21.30 Kukushai (Slovenia)
Eva Poženel, vocals; Rok Zalokar, keyboards; Bojan Krhlanko, drums
Park, main Stage
22.30 Nubya Garcia (Great Britain)
CD Club, 22, 19* EUR
FRI 21/6
18.00 Drago Ivanuša: La Bête humaine
Drago Ivanuša, piano
19.00 Mammal Hands (Great Britain)
Jordan Smart, saxophones; Nick Smart, piano, keyboards; Jesse Barrett, drums
Linhart Hall, 18, 14* EUR (admission to both concerts)
20.00 Mihael Hrustelj solo (Slovenia)
Mihael Hrustelj, guitar, vocals
Park, main stage
20.50 Alphabet 4
Park, Ancient Tree Stage
21.30 Churnchetz, Teepe, Hart Trio (Slovenia, The Netherlands, USA)
Marko Črnčec, piano; Joris Teepe, double bass; Billy Hart, drums
Park, main stage
22.30 Made To Break (USA, Austria, The Netherlands)
Ken Vandermark, reeds; Christof Kurzmann, live electronics; Jasper Stadhouders, bass; Tim Daisy, drums
23.45 Clean Feed Presents: The Rite of Trio (Portugal)
André Silva, guitar; Filipe Louro, double bass; Pedro Alves, drums
CD Club, 18, 15* EUR (admission to both concerts)
SAT 22/6
09.30 Children’s concert
Park, main stage
11.30 Alphabet Orchestra
9.30 – 18.00 Jazz Bazaar (music fair)
15.00 Chromatic Vortex (Slovenia, Croatia, Cuba, USA) + Clean Feed meets Jazz fest Sarajevo (reception)
Igor Lumpert, tenor saxophone; Lana Cencić, vocals, percussion; Aruan Ortiz, piano; Tomeka Reid, cello; Chad Taylor, drums
CD Club, 18, 15* EUR (includes reception)
18.00 Mladi raziskovalci – Gašper Livk (Slovenia)
Park, Ancient Tree Stage
19.00 Fish in Oil (Serbia)
Veljko Nikolić - Papa Nik, percussion; Tom Fedja Franklin, drums; Branislav Radojković, bass; Bratislav Radovanović, guitar; Dušan Petrović, saxophone
Park, main stage
21.00 Ecliptic (Slovenia)
Jani Moder, guitar, efekti effects; Igor Matković, trumpet, electronics; Jani Hace, bass, effects; Žiga Kožar, drums, percussion; Murat, beatbox, effects
22.00 Snarky Puppy (ZDA USA)
Križanke, 46, 42* EUR (admission to both concerts)