34th Schaffhauser Jazz Festival

The 34th Schaffhauser Jazz Festival will take place from May 6th to May 13th, 2023. 

After the successful debut last year in Stein am Rhein, the collaboration with the Windler Foundation will continue this year. On Sunday, May 7th, there will be interesting Swiss music to discover in various locations in Stein am Rhein. The range includes New Folk Music, Percussion Performances and free improvisation.

Luca Sisera's project "Clazz" is the last after-effect of the Corona Pandemic on the Schaffhauser Jazz Festival. He used the concert-free time to compose a work between classical and jazz for the Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden, led by Gaudens Bieri, and his exciting quintet "Roofer." The performance will take place in the city theater of Schaffhausen. The evening will be opened by the experimental Bernese duo Bureau Bureau, whose lyrics with percussion accompaniment offer an optimal counterpoint to the symphonic main part. Three more bands of the showcase have, to different degrees, an obvious classical connection. Jean-Paul Brodbeck, who recalls his classical piano education and arranges piano works by Frederic Chopin for his quartet with American guitar star Kurt Rosenwinkel. Judith Wegmann, a pianist who has always moved in the border area between New Music, Avant-Garde and free improvisation. Equally sought after as an interpreter of contemporary piano repertoire as an improviser, she presents her new 4Art Quartet on Friday evening with pianist Marlies Debacker and the two drummers Nicolas Wolf and Lucas Briner. The quintet Ikarus of the Zurich drummer Ramon Oliveras, which comes from the circle of Nik Bärtsch and is thus influenced by the minimal trend. His stage show, honed in numerous concerts in Switzerland and abroad, will provide a unique concert experience. 

Only connected to classical music through her instrument is the Geneva harpist Julie Campiche. With her high-energy band and her electronically amplified and distorted harp sounds, Campiche has earned pioneer status on the harp. One of the festival's newcomers is the Geneva guitarist Louis Matute. With his Large Ensemble and his current album "Our Folklore," Matute is also enjoying great success in France. "Clemens Kuratle performs alongside his role as a drummer in Julie Campiche's quartet with his own international band. Started as a project within the Jazzwerkstatt, the quintet has developed into a well-rehearsed band with interesting young musicians from England, Ireland, and Switzerland. 

Christoph Irniger, one of the most active Swiss jazz musicians and tireless touring saxophonist, occasionally strengthens his great trio with Dutch alto saxophone phenomenon Ben van Gelder. We can expect to see the two, reinforced by Raffaele Bossard on double bass and Ziv Ravitz on drums, take the Kammgarnhalle to new heights. The Swiss pianist Yannick Delez is capable of lighting up a musical firework all by himself, but also excels in creating quiet impressionistic soundscapes. We'll see which direction the sound master chooses at the piano. 

The conclusion of the festival on Saturday evening will be a celebration, as we mark the 50th stage anniversary of the Grisons singer Corin Curschellas, along with her band of old and new companions. Curschellas is known for her strong connection to folk musical roots, but has also spent much time in musical metropolises like NYC and Paris. "An identity in the tension between openness to the world and connection to home," as Peter Rüedi so beautifully says. It's time to celebrate this extraordinary musician on the Kammgarn stage!"

More info: https://www.jazzfestival.ch/