23rd International Ankara Jazz Festival Focuses on “Gender Discrimination”

April 26-May 12, 2019
Festivals’ hidden agenda is directly to the point of gender discrimination.
On the occasion of 23th anniversary, the Ankara Jazz Festival program is taking attention to “equality” with the festival theme of “Duets”. 1 man and 1 woman will sing at the same stage side by side. All the musicians from Turkey and abroad applied with their duet projects and the line-up just schedule within these projects. Bigbands, club performances, exhibitions and a keynote speech supporting the theme.
As a Jazz Society of Turkey and being a non profit organization this is so important for the social inclusion. Co- foundations, societies and social media agency are managing the festival’s entire publicity campaign.
Festival Theme: Duets
Artistic director Özlem Oktar Varoğlu describes the reasons for focusing “ gender discrimination” as follows: not only in our country but also all around the world in our daily lives, at school, at work every breath we take its a fact that we need to go beyond this issue. Music is the universal way to connect people at the same time at the same place. Since 1995, festival reached a variety of population and this manifesto I believe much more strenght the power of being “equal”.
It is a tradition over the 23rd years an Airforces Bigband Orchestra do the opening. This year at the International Jazz Day, we schedule April 30th to celeberate this global day with our concert. A male Turkish jazz vocal İlham Gencer and his daughter Ayşe Gencer are going to sing together with the orchestra. Another precious cross-culture collaboration is from Holland Sanne Rambags Trio Mudita Project will perform with a young talented Turkish male jazz vocal Can Somel. Festival is going to host 2 exhibitions about jazz and history and gender discrimination, a panel will be in an university campus named: Geder Discrimination in Art, Music, Jazz.
More information: http://www.ankaracazfestivali.com/tr/