19th Marseille Jazz des cinq continents Festival

Marseille Jazz des cinq continents is an event that sticks to its time and responds to the evolution of the world. We are on the way for 4 months of programming and more than 50 promising appointments. We set out to explore the territory of jazz, an immaterial and inspiring geography that will make us visit the notes of Asia, the eighth notes of Africa, the riffs of America and at the same time, we travel through the familiar landscape of Marseille and Provence.

There is something exciting happening around this music that crosses time and space, never losing its thread, or dissolving itself in devaluing shortcuts. This is perhaps why Marseille Jazz des cinq continents continues to grow and brings together each year more artists and especially more public. The artists are Scofield, DeJohnette, Selah Sue, Chick Corea, Youn Sun Nah, Youssou NDour, maybe best known name, Somi, Sarah Quintana, Gogo Penguin, Cory Henry, Avishai Cohen, for the enlightened, Luo Ning, Yoshichika Tarue, Awake for discovery and many more.

In 2018, we also took part in a common adventure: MP 2018 Quel amour ! We have entrusted it with beautiful projects: A creation in five acts by Erik Truffaz, an exhibition called Jazz & Love, an XXL concert with Thomas de Pourquery, Jazz artist of the year 2017. Here is the story in which we go, the beautiful team. Jazz has so much to live and share for those who still have access to contact with their senses, their feelings and their free will.

Hughes Kieffer – Director

Festival teaser: https://youtu.be/YwnBLow0hKQ