14th Festa do Jazz: 16-20 March 2016

The 14th edition of the annual „Festa do Jazz“, the festival of Portuguese jazz, will take place from 16th – 20th March 2016 in Lisbon.
This year the festival will keep growing and opening to the international jazz scene, while still maintaining its core value by celebrating Portuguese jazz in all its different forms. In 2016 the festival will be running for 5 days and 5 nights and will present a unique programm of promising jazz groups.
This year´s festival edition will kick off with a 2 day pre-festival program, presenting one evening with artists from Berlin to showcase new approaches to Jazz in collaboration with the Berlin-based X-Jazz Festival on the 16th of March and one night celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary national radio programm „Cinco Minutos de Jazz“ with showcases of acclaimed Portuguese jazz artists on the 17th of March. On the same evening will be the first award ceremony for the recently created Composition Award Bernardo Sassetti („Premio de Composição Bernardo Sassetti). The whole evening will be broadcasted on national TV.
The main program will run from 18 – 20 of March an will present some of the most promising national jazz artist as well as international groups in the concert program. The festival continues to be highly engaged in fostering emerging jazz artists with the annual jazz school encounter, including a showcases program and the Festa do Jazz School Contest to award the most promising rising jazz talents by a jury consisting of jazz critics, promoters, journalists and musicians. Like in the past edition the festival offers masterclasses with international acclaimed jazz artists. 
For the first time the festival program will also include panel discussions about jazz education  and about networking and promotion in jazz with national and international experts.

„Festa do Jazz“ is organised by the Association Sons da Lusofonia in co-production with EGEAC/ the Theatre São Luiz and directed by Carlos Martins.

Find more information and the full festival programm on www.sonsdalusofonia.com