Wiesen in Austria – for over 30 years "Wiesen" has been more than the name of a village in Burgenland. Wiesen became the embodiment of good music, high quality festivals and a unique atmosphere in natural surroundings.  
Wiesen – high quality festivals since 1976 
The festival place is situated in the north of Wiesen with about 1,2 ha of surface. Today it's a modern venue with best infrastructure. According to many musicians and visitors Wiesen is one of the most beautiful venues in Europe. 
The capacity is 8.000, in case of rain 4.000 people can take shelter under the characteristic festival tent. 
Especially the well equipped camping zone with shower and toilet facilities, which are maintained by our cleaning staff around the clock, can be stressed as one of the specials in Wiesen. 
Inside the festival place there are many shops, where you can buy CDs, hammocks, instruments and accessories. The visitors appreciate the manifold offer and quality of food and drinks served at the festival place. 
In the course of a festival season, usually from May to September, there are various festivals. The famous Jazzfestival Wiesen is the oldest one, it already started in 1976.