Tirana Jazz & World Music Festival



Tirana Jazz & World Music Festival

Free Media shpk is an Albanian entertainment company that covers all aspects of the entertainmentspectrum including Live Concerts, Large scale Award functions, Brand Management and Networking

Events, and bespoke private events like Weddings.

• Events and concerts handled by the company have entertained the live audience and reached the homes of television viewers through Digital Channels.

• It’s business is filled with a diverse and passionate mix of talent that is not only excited about varietyand creativity but also ready for any challenge posed by the ever changing, dynamic entertainment landscape

Sounds. Energy. Oomph. Atmosphere.

• We fuse all these elements together to get an unforgettable event.

• Free Media team has set benchmarks, using high quality materials and providing professional service

teamed with the capacity to work within stringent timelines. From detailed concept planning to quality

production, from entertaining scripts to flawless execution.

• Free Media has been the name behind some of the most memorable events like the Tirana Jazz & World

Music Festival 2012, 2013, Tirana Rocks Festival 2012, 2013, Olen Cesari & International Clandestine Or-
chestra in Unexpected.

• The company aims to bring a breath of fresh air to event organisation by means of exclusive and be-
spoke programs, making each event a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our Scope of services include:

• Event Planning, Design, Production and Management

• Scripting and Show Direction

• Venue and Locale Management

• Site & Labour Management

• Staging, Sound & Lighting

• Single/Touring/Multi-Locale Events

• Digital and multimedia concepts and applications

• Creative Development

Scenery – Stage design and construction

Costume design and creation

Printing materials design and production (flyers, brochures, invitations)

Exhibition pavilions design and construction

P.O.S support

• Artist Bookings: Performers, bands, Singers, Celebrities, Dancers, Security,

VIP Handling, Crowd Management

• Merchandising

• Logistics

Freemedia Sh.p.k

Address: Sheshi Skënderbej, Pallati i Kulturës,

Kati II-të, Tirana, Shqipëri.

E-Mail: marketing@freemedia.al

Web: www.freemedia.al   067 60 90 223


Eni Xhelo,  Alketa Shulla,  Nertila Kole,  Eduard Dashi

Design: Juri Dashi 

Email:   info@freemedia.al