Tinos Jazz Festival


JAZZ VISIONS - 5 live shows over 3 nights

The Tinos Jazz Festival offers an outstanding showcase of jazz music, attracting an increasing number of supporters and Jazz fans of all ages and from near and far.

The success of the event comes down to the variety of talents and music genres, and to the fact that the festival provides something for everyone. In a short time, the Tinos Jazz Festival has established itself as a unique forum for both contemporary and future jazz. It gives visitors a chance to get familiar with jazz in all its forms, to discover the latest developments and to experience the confrontation between different artistic views and styles.

Set in the heart of the Aegean Sea, the Tinos Jazz Festival is organized by an active cultural foundation, helped by motivated staff members, capable and voluntary, and related to a lot of precious friends.

This fourth edition entitled "Jazz Visions" brings together international & Greek top musicians as well as new Greek talents.

Expect best quality, surprising discoveries, shimmering experiences, warm moments and music that will remain with you. For both musicians and the audience, Tinos Jazz is a musical adventure in a relaxed festival-atmosphere.

Performances start at 9.30 pm every night, at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos

Entrance is free.