FOCUS JAZZ ISRAELIEN - Soirées Paris Jazz Club " 1 entrée = 3 clubs" !

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Association Paris Jazz Club

58, rue des Lombards
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Paris Jazz Club
As part of the France-Israeli Cross Season 2018, PARIS JAZZ CLUB, the Network of Jazz Venues offers for the price of 1 entry, access to the 3 legendary clubs of Rue des Lombards in the heart of Paris (Sunside, Baiser Salé, Duc des Lombards) to discover no less than 9 formations representative of the new Israeli jazz scene, talent confirmed to emerging, but also Franco-Israeli collaborations.
Led by artists like Avishai Cohen, Yaron Herman, Omer Avital, Israel has become one of the great scenes of international jazz. After New York and Paris, Tel-Aviv is now the 3rd largest jazz capital in the world, as the musicians' pool is abundant, facilitated by a remarkable network of music schools. Integrating so subtly Arab harmonies inherited from traditional music to jazz, the Israeli scene is open to the world and probably carries more than a musical color: a symbol of peace through music.