Cairo Jazz Festival

Cairo Jazz Festival is an International festival that aims to widespread mission of Jazz to reach more people & give more exposure to both acts & audience.
As in the past years, CJF will be held in March, three entire days over the weekend starting the 21st throughout the 23rd, Thursday to Saturday, to ensure a high participation and visit rate. 
The location was chosen to be at the grounds of Cairo Opera Housel in the heart of Cairo city, and a perfect place to spend not only a “Cultural instructional” but at the same time fun and a family weekend. 
CJF 2013 will host a number of international countries, such as USA, Holland, Spain, Austria, Syria, Australia, Portugal and Japan, as well as the most popular and talented Egyptian bands. Thus, a very broad variety of artists will create a magical atmosphere through Jazz music that is meant to cross cultural barriers within the Egyptian society while encouraging and improving musical education for children, families… Short: everyone who has a musical vein within them.
Furthermore, CJF represents a great opportunity to young, skilled musicians by offering them, together with the Jazz Society of Egypt, a non-profit musical help, promoting the growth and constant evolution of Jazz, also, by holding several workshops and master classes that will introduce people to the art of Jazz and cultivate their minds and knowledge.
The shared passion for Jazz music, the outstanding level of the participating musicians and the overwhelming dedication put into this event will guarantee its ongoing success this year as much or more as it did before.