Zugabe!!!! International 7: Davis West (USA)

Zugabe!!!! International 7: Davis West (USA)

Where: Raumerweiterungshalle
Kopenhagener Str. 17
United States
01 July 2022 - 20:00
Bedroom Bluegrass Band

Samstag, 1.7.2022, 20 Uhr, Raumerweiterungshalle

Jazz am Helmholtzplatz zu Gast in der Raumerweiterungshalle
Kopenhagener Str. 17
10437 Berlin



Davis West – USA
Bedroom Bluegrass Band
Davis West – violin
Daire MacMághnuis - bass
Francisco Batista – guitar

Foto Davis West


1) Why did you come to Berlin and where did you live before?

Growing up I lived in Japan, then America. Directly before Berlin, I was in Spain studying for my masters degree at Berklee College of Music. I wanted to stay in Europe so I visited Berlin many times, and each time I came, I met inspiring musicians, went to amazing jams, and it just simply felt right to be here. I think a big part of my growth as a musician and as a person comes from constantly expanding my comfort zone.

2) Why do you play jazz? What does it mean to you?
- Music was always a big part of my life, as I started piano lessons with my mom when I was 4 and violin lessons when I was 9. From an early age I loved playing songs by ear - I always tried to figure out pop songs and theme songs from TV shows. In high school (when I was around 16 years old) I discovered and fell deeply in love with Bill Evans, and from there I got obsessed with jazz and studied it at University of Michigan. I also studied classical as a double degree, which I love dearly, but playing jazz in a club and hearing the audience react to my playing IN REAL TIME gave me a rush that I never experienced in the classical world.

3.Can you tell a bit about the jazz scene in your country of origin? Jazzhotspots, colleges, clubs, musicians?

In the US, I lived in Michigan and Arkansas (North and South, respectively). Michigan is great because Detroit is one of the most active and creative scenes in the world of jazz. Detroit is also a hotspot for Motown and techno music, so the combination makes for a rich pool of artistic perspectives. In Arkansas, there is a lot more country/bluegrass/folk music, and I learned this style of playing (or “picking”) by sitting on a friend’s porch on summer nights, sharing beers and laughs. Wherever I go and whatever style I play, I believe the goal in music should always be to enjoy yourself and create something together with those you love.

Biographie Davis West

Davis West is a Japanese-American violinist and songwriter rooted in jazz, classical, and bluegrass fiddle styles.
He had the privileged to share the stage with musicians from varying styles like Al Di Meola,Chris Thile, Benny Golson, David Halen, Christian
Howes, Philippe Quint, Geri Allen, Byron Stripling, Ben E. King, Audra McDonald, and with his mentors Gary Willis and Casey Driessen.
Davis earned his Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance from the University of Michigan, where he was heavily involved in the jazz and classical departments. Thereafter, he played on tour with dynamic string ensemble Barrage 8 and completed the masters program in Contemporary Performance (Production Concentration) at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain.
(Text: Davis West)