Zugabe!!!! International 5: Nicola Miller (Kanada)

Zugabe!!!! International 5: Nicola Miller (Kanada)

Where: Raumerweiterungshalle
Kopenhagener Str. 17
United States
18 June 2022 - 20:00
Nicola Miller Trio

Eine Konzertreihe mit 8 Konzerten in Prenzlauer Berg und Weißensee - April bis Juli 2022.

Samstag, 18.6.2022, 20 Uhr
Kopenhagener Str. 17
10437 Berlin



Nicola Miller - sax
Tobija Hudnik- guitar
Morten Larsen - bass


Berlin ist ein Magnet für Jazzmusiker*innen aus aller Welt. In der Reihe "Zugabe!!!! International" stellt Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V. Musiker*innen vor, die erst seit kurzer Zeit in Berlin leben. Es ist ein Hauptanliegen der Jazzinitiative, diesen Neuankömmlingen Konzertangebote zu unterbreiten. Die Entwicklung der Kunst, insbesondere des Jazz, ist abhängig von neuen Impulsen, sowohl von individuellen als auch von neuentdeckten Traditionen aus den verschiedenen Ecken der Welt. Freuen wir uns auf hochkarätiäge Musiker*innen und viel impulsive Kreativität.

Alessandro DiPuccio - Italien
Svetlana Marinchenko - Russland
Nishad Pandey - Indien
Davis West - USA
Nicola Miller - Kanada
Mathilde Vendramin - Frankreich
Joana Carvalhas - Portugal
Vitaliy Kyianytsia - Ukraine

Die Reihe entstand mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berlin.
Sie wird kuratiert von Regina Câmara/Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V.

Herzlichen Dank an die kooperierenden Spielstätten: Haus der Sinne: www.hausdersinne-berlin.de, Kühlspot Social Club: www.kuehlspot.com, Raumerweiterungshalle REH: www.geyersbach.com, Ruths Räume: www.ruthsberlin.de

Freitag, 18.6.2022, 20 Uhr, Raumerweiterungshalle
Nicola Miller – Kanada
Nicola Miller – sax
Tobija Hudnik - guitar
Morten Larson – bass


1) Why did you come to Berlin and where did you live before?
- I came to Berlin to study for the Masters of Jazz Composition and Arranging at the JIB. I had studied with Kirk Nurock and John Hollenbeck who both taught there in the past and this is how I learned about the program.

2) Why do you play jazz? What does it mean to you?
- I‘m not really sure what made me so attracted to jazz. It's not a music I grew up with, but I was introduced to it in high school and fell in love. My sensibilities have certainly shifted over the years as I've been exposed to more things, but I still always manage to find something in this very broad genre that both challenges and inspires me. I care deeply about the fact that this music is about communication and am very interested in the many comparisons that have been made to jazz as a musical form of democracy.

3) Can you tell a bit about the jazz scene in your country of origin? Jazzhotspots, colleges, clubs, musicians?

I am from Canada where we have a great many incredible musicians. I studied for my bachelors degree at Humber College in Toronto and have lived there as well as British Columbia, Montreal, and now Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is a very rural place with stunning landscapes and, considering the size, a great many inspiring things happening musically. There are a number of musicians who have moved to my area from NYC and Toronto including Glenn Patscha, Nick Halley and Nicholas D'Amato. I play with them regularly in Nova Scotia and have an upcoming composition project with them funded by Arts Nova Scotia. As many wonderful things happen there, it is still 'small town', rural Canada and I'm definitely overwhelmed by the greatness of the music scene in Berlin. I'm having the time of my life checking out all the great things happening and learning a great deal in my studies through the JIB and privately with Frank Gratkowski. Berlin is a dream.

Nicola Miller is a saxophone player and composer. She studied jazz performance at Humber College in Toronto, ON. She studied with jazz greats Pat LaBarbera and Kirk MacDonald and had opportunities to perform with many incredible musicians including Tom Juhas,Lauren Falls, Jennifer Castle, Ryan Driver, and Eric Chenaux. She recently attended a composition workshop with Theo Bleckmann, and Uri Caine, as well as an Afro-Cuban workshop with Hilario Duran. She plays regularly with a quartet on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.
(Text: Nicola Miller)