Zugabe!!! International 4: Joana Carvalhas (Portugal)

Zugabe!!! International 4: Joana Carvalhas (Portugal)

Where: Kühlspot Social Club
Lehderstr. 74-79
01 June 2022 - 20:00
Joana Carvalhas (violin), Alexandra Ivanovna (piano), Peter Sómos (percussion)

Eine Konzertreihe mit 8 Konzerten in Prenzlauer Berg und Weißensee - April bis Juli 2022.

Mittwoch, 1.6.2022, 20 Uhr, Kühlspot Social Club
Lehderstr. 74-79


Konzert Nr. 4:
Joana Carvalhas (Portugal)

Joana Carvalhas- violin
Alexandra Ivanova - piano
Peter Sómos - percussion


Berlin ist ein Magnet für Jazzmusiker*innen aus aller Welt. In der Reihe "Zugabe!!!! International" stellt Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V. Musiker*innen vor, die erst seit kurzer Zeit in Berlin leben. Es ist ein Hauptanliegen der Jazzinitiative, diesen Neuankömmlingen Konzertangebote zu unterbreiten. Die Entwicklung der Kunst, insbesondere des Jazz, ist abhängig von neuen Impulsen, sowohl von individuellen als auch von neuentdeckten Traditionen aus den verschiedenen Ecken der Welt. Freuen wir uns auf hochkarätiäge Musiker*innen und viel impulsive Kreativität.

Alessandro DiPuccio - Italien
Svetlana Marinchenko - Russland
Nishad Pandey - Indien
Davis West - USA
Nicola Miller - Kanada
Mathilde Vendramin - Frankreich
Joana Carvalhas - Portugal
Vitaliy Kyianytsia - Ukraine

Die Reihe entstand mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Berlin.
Sie wird kuratiert von Regina Câmara/Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V.

Herzlichen Dank an die kooperierenden Spielstätten: Haus der Sinne: www.hausdersinne-berlin.de, Kühlspot Social Club: www.kuehlspot.com, Raumerweiterungshalle REH: www.geyersbach.com, Ruths Räume: www.ruthsberlin.de

Joana Carvalhas
1) Why did you come to Berlin and where did you live before?
- I travelled to Berlin for the first time in February 2020 (right before the first lockdown due to the covid-19) and I fell immediately in love with the city. Lots of culture, music, arts... After that touristic trip, I returned two more times to visit and play in some jazz jam sessions and open mics and decided I wanted to live here. I felt free and that I could be whatever I wanted to. Before I was studying and living in Scotland, in Glasgow, but I am originally from Portugal.

2) Why do you play jazz? What does it mean to you?
- Jazz is a challenge but also a therapy for me. I remember being a kid and often playing over some CD's of Vanessa Mae (probably I was sounding really bad but I enjoyed playing a lot and this was perhaps my first contact with improvisation, even though it wasn't jazz). I play jazz because I like the sonority and somehow I feel truly happy listening to it. Being a classical violinist for a long time made me feel bad about my playing and I felt I wasn't never good enough or 'perfect', whatever these concepts mean. In jazz I found the freedom I didn't have with Classical music and I can express my own voice and ideas, even though this is also not an easy music style and I can always improve and get better on this.

- I always connect good moments of my life with music but especially with jazz and I met incredible people that also gave me great tips and encouraged me to improve my playing without me feeling bad about it (opposite to what happens when I was studying classical music).

3) Can you tell a bit about the jazz scene in your country of origin? Jazzhotspots, colleges, clubs, musicians?
- The jazz scene in Portugal is still growing but we already have some nice clubs and events, especially in the big cities like Porto, Lisboa, Braga, Espinho, Guimarães. There is a popular festival around November, the Guimarães Jazz, where very talented and famous musicians from around the world come to play; another one in Amarante, MIMO, where I saw Herbie Hancock for the first time; in Espinho, the city where I studied during my highschool, there are often jazz concerts with great musicians and even in my hometown, Ovar, there is now a jazz festival called Ovar em Jazz (where I played last year in a project of original tunes for septet by the drummer João Martins).

There are also good jazz schools in Portugal and my first contact with this style was in Escola de Jazz do Porto, where I played in different combos and worked with a great teacher and bassist, Pedro Barreiros.

Foto: Ohad Leev Rouage