Vaudou Game



Vaudou Game

Where: Moods
Schiffbaustrasse 6
29 March 2019 - 22:00
Line up: tba

What happens here is hypnotic. The band Vaudou Game from Lyon, France, with their charismatic singer from Togo portray Afro-Funk, like it was created in the 70’s in Benin and Togo. Therefore, there, where voodoo belongs to the folk culture and also bequeathed its ecstatic magic to music. With frontman Peter Solo and his musical companions, it will be grooving on to trance state - without compromise. It’s as if one melted James Brown and Fela Kuti into a new superfunk. Thanks to their first album, Vaudou Game has become one of Europe’s most spectacular Afro bands. Now we have the second edition, which is no less brilliant.

Supported by SüdKulturFonds