Showcase Chamber Music America, NYC, NY

Desmarais Lorraine, jazz pianist and composer


« She seems likely soon to cross many national boundaries. Not since Oscar Peterson dazzled USA in Carnegie Hall in 1949 has an artist from north of the border made such a powerful impression on me... »
Leonard Feather, The Los Angeles Times

« It’s never, ever boring—Desmarais’ “New Morning” covers a half-dozen jazz styles just within the head—and always well played, with a good balance of material, a lot of surprises and a group of soloists who never disappoint. »
JazzTimes, Bruce Klauber

« Playing with authority and constant drive she enlivened her own dense compositions with sweeping intricate phrases and expensive eloquence. »
The Toronto Star

Jazz pianist and composer Lorraine Desmarais is known in Canada, the USA, Europe, Mexico, China, Indonesia and Africa for her solo, trio, big band and symphony orchestras performances. She now has eleven albums of original compositions to her name. Three of these albums have received FÉLIX awards at the ADISQ gala. Lorraine Desmarais has appeared in concert with many artists of worldwide renown such as, Chick Corea, Oliver Jones, Marie-Nicole Lemieux and Michel Rivard.

Lorraine Desmarais will release a new album in Big Band formation. This will be her 12th album in career. ‘’Danses, Danza, Dances’’ !... The project will be supported by Musicaction.

AWARDS, among a long list!
2013 Opus Award Winner | « Performer of the year »
2009 FÉLIX Award Winner at ADISQ | Album «Lorraine Desmarais Big Band»
2002 Oscar Peterson Award Winner | Montreal International Jazz Festival

Showcase Chamber Music America, NYC, NY

08 January 2016 (All day)

Friday Jan 8th, 3:00 P.M.

Lorraine Desmarais Trio

Lorraine Desmarais, piano
Frédéric Alarie, bass
Camil Bélisle, drum

Week-end à Toulouse Lorraine Desmarais
Tsai-Tsien Lorraine Desmarais
Autumn Leaves Lorraine Desmarais