Ola Kvernberg Trio

Ola Kvernberg Trio

07 April 2014 (All day) to 13 April 2014 (All day)

Norwegian Grammy-winner 2013

Line up:

STEINAR RAKNES, double bass



Together with Steinar Raknes (double bass) and Erik Nylander (drums),  new record Folk continues to challenge the genres and take another step towards a both clearer and more personal direction. Folk is a double hommage - one for his musical roots, and one for his biggest inspirational source; people. The album consists of eight named musical portraits, and continues in the landscape of melancholy Night Driver established in 2006. On Folk, Ola once again shows his rare talent of building bridges between genres most people would consider being contradictions, and more than any of his earlier releases, Folk manages to capture the nearness, energy and playfullness that has trademarked the bands numerous concerts. The trios reportoire today consists mainly of Olas compositions; a mixture of bebop, folkmusic-fiddling and modal jazz. Focusing on the interplay, the result is quite a unique sound: everything from burnin’ to intepretating soft songs. More: http://www.olakvernberg.com/project/ola-kvernberg-trio