Johanna Summer | Resonances



Johanna Summer | Resonances

Where: meetMUSIC by Draiflessen
Georgstraße 18
15 February 2024 - 19:30 to 21:00
Johanna Summer (piano)

Undiscovered worlds between classical music and jazz
She is one of the great up-and-coming talents in European jazz: pianist Johanna Summer has found her very own sound with improvisations on classical piano music and created an unmistakable trademark. In her music, she retells classical piano works, virtuously interweaving the two worlds of composition and improvisation.

Johanna Summer is regarded as a master of improvisation and manages to captivate a wide audience with her virtuosity, excitement and pointed structure. You never get the impression that she is interested in firing off as many ideas as possible or presenting herself as a virtuoso. Everything happens in the spirit of musical storytelling, with an extremely mature, far-sighted eye for dramaturgy, dynamics, tension and atmosphere. Johanna Summer succeeds in creating her very own music from the moment, and it is an experience to listen to her.

Anyone who listens to Johanna Summer does not have to be an avowed jazz fan. Her music is not only characterized by jazz and blues, her pieces often sound more like classical music. This jazz musician, who often dispenses with jazz colors, meets with great enthusiasm from European and international audiences because her improvisations unfold a unique attraction. This is also confirmed by the numerous prizes she has won and performances in the USA and Israel.