Joel Lyssarides Trio - lyrical jazz from Sweden



Joel Lyssarides Trio - lyrical jazz from Sweden

Where: Draiflessen Conference
Georgstraße 18
09 March 2023 - 19:30
Joel Lyssarides (Piano), Niklas Fernqvist (Bass), and Rasmus Blixt (drums)

Jazz from Sweden - haunting, lyrical and sometimes submerged 

In his native Sweden, Joel Lyssarides is considered the piano rising star of the moment. And although his name outside of Sweden has only been known to those who know the scene, the recordings of the pianist, born in 1992, are already among the most listened to in European jazz: in the last few years they have been called up over 50 million times on the streaming service Spotify alone.  

meetMUSIC is delighted to welcome the trio with Joel Lyssarides on piano, Niklas Fernqvist, bass, and Rasmus Blixt on drums to Draiflessen. The three young musicians share an enormous sensitivity and expressiveness, starting from a vocabulary that draws equally from European classical music, jazz on both sides of the Atlantic and the depth and accessibility of great songwriting. 

Joel Lyssarides, Sweden's Jazz Musician of the Year 2019 and a multi-award-winning artist, preferred to compose the pieces for the current programme "Stay Now" in a secluded house in the forest, in the silence of the night, a good half hour outside Stockholm. His pieces often sound as if they were written in this special atmosphere between dusk and dawn. 

This atmosphere is perfectly staged in the trio's highly concentrated, differentiated, subtle interplay. The spectacular in their music is hidden in the most intimate, quiet moments, in the moment of focused pause. Everything flows and vibrates, nothing seems intentional or contrived, one hears in every note a natural understanding for the boundlessness of music. And the self-confident urge to put everything you play at the service of expression in the music.