Gary Husband | A Meeting Of Spirits

Gary Husband | A Meeting Of Spirits

Where: Turner Sims
Salisbury Road
SO17 1BJ
United Kingdom
02 March 2018 - 20:00
20.00Pounds Sterling
Gary Husband

Gary Husband piano, in-piano percussion, vocals, bell

Internationally acclaimed pianist, drummer and composer (John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension, Allan Holdsworth, Jack Bruce) Gary Husband, performing music from his highly emotive and acclaimed new release, compellingly reimagining the music of John McLaughlin, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Shakti.

Supreme inventiveness, absolute creativity and unique and deeply moving piano music!! Truly inspiring!! Chick Corea

Gary Husband the pianist has long been overshadowed by Gary Husband the drummer. I can personally testify to it. However, here we have a recording which surely will achieve the reverse of what I just wrote. In addition, he has chosen to base this recording primarily on my own compositions. I am honoured. And it’s a recording full of surprises, invention, modulations and inversions of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic content abound. This is Gary Husband in full bloom: Wonderful!!! John McLaughlin

I’m not sure that the word interpretations is the right one for these performances – they go so much further – not even close to what the industry calls covers – so individual are they. Michael Gibbs (arranger, Mahavishnu Orchestra Apocalypse)