Fidel Fourneyron "Animal" + Courtois/Fincker/Erdmann "Love Of Life"

Fidel Fourneyron "Animal" + Courtois/Fincker/Erdmann "Love Of Life"

rue Finkmatt,6
01 March 2019 - 20:30 to 23:30
fidel fourneyron, robin fincker, daniel erdmann, vincent courtois, joachim florent, Sylvain Darrifourcq

*** JAZZDOR: THE SEASON! Double tray evening with "Animal" - Fidel Fourneyron + "Love Of Life" - Vincent Courtois / Robin Fincker / Daniel Erdmann *** 


► Fidel Fourneyron, trombone / Joachim Florent, double bass / Sylvain Darrifourcq, drums
In this new Jazzdor's season, the trombonist presents "Animal", a new trio that brings together for the first time Joachim Florent on double bass and Sylvain Darrifourcq on drums. For this original repertoire, a lively and joyful tribute to the animal world, Fidel Fourneyron works on the blues in melody and inflections, on the search for and originality of sounds, on groove always, on zapping and surprise as a source of inspiration in improvisation, and on the finesse of lines and counterpoints as a springboard to the euphoria of collective play.
______LOVE OF LIFE______repertoire inspired by Jack London's work
► Vincent Courtois, cello / Robin Fincker, tenor saxophone / Daniel Erdmann, tenor saxophone
When Vincent Courtois met the work of Jack London who had since accompanied him, he decided to take it to celebrate the seventh anniversary of his trio with Robin Fincker and Daniel Erdmann. Thus new music will be born that evokes the great Jack and his sensitive and intimate ability with his lives to meet ours, to become this friend, this companion from whom new stories are expected every day.

It is now up to them to tell, to share.