Dieter Ilg Trio



Dieter Ilg Trio

11 June 2022 - 19:30
Dieter Ilg (Double Bass), Rainer Böhm (Piano), Patrice Héral (Percussion)

Dieter Ilg, the internationally renowned jazz bassist, plucks the double bass strings with virtuoso dexterity, accompanied by Rainer Böhm on piano and Patrice Héral on percussion. The trio plays selected works by the composer Johann Sebastian Bach in a reworked jazz version by Ilg. Bach wrote harmonic pieces that offer opportunities for dissonance, and he used musical elements that can also be found in jazz. Parallels arise from the same melody but with different rhythms between the two composers.    

Together, the musicians will create an evening in Draiflessen that will make jazz hearts beat faster and make it possible for all listeners to get to know this style of music. Even if you are not familiar with either jazz or Bach, this is an evening to remember.   

Price: regular € 25 | reduced € 17,50  

Admittance: 18:30 Uhr | Start: 19:30 Uhr | Draiflessen, Georgstraße 18, 49497 Mettingen 
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