Europe Jazz Media Chart - September 2019

A selection of the hot new music surfacing across the continent this month by the top European jazz magazines and websites

Cim Meyer, Jazz Special (Denmark)

LINDA MAY HAN OH: Walk Against Wind (Biophilia Records)

Lars Mossefinn, Dag og tid (Norway)

TERJE ISUNGSET: Sildrande (All Ice)

Matthieu Jouan, (France)


An acoustic journey that generates synaesthesia. A slow and inexorable immersion in a metallic and pneumatic sound universe that lets air and light pass through.
Luca Vitali, Giornale della Musica (Italy)

CRISTIANO CALCAGNILE - MULTIKULTI ENSEMBLE: The Gift of Togetherness (Caligola Records)

Paweł Brodowski, Jazz Forum (Poland)

ATOM STRING QUARTET: Penderecki (Szczecin Philharmonic)

Warsaw’s Atom String Quartet was founded in 2010 by violinists Dawid Lubowicz and Mateusz Smoczyński, altoviolist Michał Zaborski and cellist Krzysztof Lenczowski. On its newest album, one of the leading and most intriguing improvising string quartets in the world ventures outside the world of jazz into the music of the great Polish contemporary compser Krzysztof Penderecki. Bat rather then tackling his avant garde works, they opted instead for his older, more traditional compositions. Some of these pieces are executed literally from the score, but others allow the ATQ to take liberty in improvised departures. Exhilarating!
Mike Flynn, Jazzwise (UK)

REBECCA NASH ATLAS: Peaceful King (Whirlwind Recordings)

Anna Filipieva, (Russia)

ANASTASIA LYUTOVA: Some Like It Jazz (Venus Records)

Jan Granlie, (Pan-Scandinavian)

JEPPE ZEEBERG: Universal Disappointment (self produced ZEE201901)

Jeppe Zeeberg is a genius piano player, and through his five solo records he have proven that he is something very special. And on his new record,«Universal Disappointment», he, and his band, sounds like Frank Zappa or Captain Beefheart in one monent, Erroll Garner the next and Cecil Taylor the third. In this special prosject he cooperate with his fellows in Horse Orchestra, the great saxophone player Laura Toxværed and one of his other band projects, and it sound fantastic! Listen to some of Toxværds or the guitar player Henrik Olssons solos together with Zeebergs own solos on this record, and you are sold!
Christine Stephan, JAZZTHETIK (Germany)

IIRO RANTALA: My Finnish Calendar (ACT)

Viktor Bensusan, (Turkey)

MILES DAVIS: Rubberband (Rhino Records)

With Miles, any remake will always be newborn, original, sparkling and still unprocessed enough to make more remakes. Rubberband is just a case in point...
Henning Bolte, Written in Music (Netherlands)

ARIFA: Secret Poetry (Mundus)

Patrik Sandberg, OrkesterJournalen (Sweden)

CHICK COREA: The Spanish Heart Band Antidote (Concorde)

Together with an multicultural oktett on his new album Corea creates a musical brew that not only covers the Latin and Flamenco tradition, but also elements from the Middle East, Brazil and classical music. Again, Corea proves his ingenious ability to tie his musical roots into a well-sounded personal music landscape.