The Music Village -

The Music Village is a cultural non-profit organisation focused on live jazz music concerts.
It is situated 50 rue des Pierres, only a few steps from the Grand-Place of Brussels.
Enjoying a niche location at the very heart of Brussels, only a few meters away from the legendary Grand'Place, the Music Village has open its doors on the 1st of September 2000. 
With acoustics, sound system, lighting stage, welcome, comfort, and food and drink that live up to the New-York or London clubs, the Music Village offers all music fans, whether listeners or musicians, a returns to the Golden Age of international jazz clubs.
Two houses dating from the 17th century (and home to a hardware shop since 1839) provide exceptional surroundings, where music is queen.
On the live program (250 concerts a year), the best Belgian and international "great" musicians, who quickly have adopted this new scene that does justice to its home in the Capital of Europe.