Le Périscope


Since 10 years, RESEAU association is handling Le Périscope. With between 100 and 130 concerts per year, mainly jazz and improvised music and more broadly creative musics. Le Périscope have nowadays a label as structurating scene of Lyon metropolis with a duty of dissemination as well as artists support with creation residencies as much for production organizations, artists collectives or independent producers.

Le Periscope is also into an active approach for audience opening and is carrying numerous projects of cultural mediation.

Le Périscope equipment include a concert venue of 100 to 200 places, also used for residencies, few rehearsal studio and a third-place with co-working, meeting and convivial spaces. Historically, Le Périscope was created by some young musicians collectives and we still try to keep the same initial state of mind: provide a real artistic manufactory location.