We Insist! Social Inclusion through Creative Music

The activity "We Insist! Social Inclusion through Creative Music" aims to provide music professionals with skills/competences/know-how to work with communities and with refugees and involve them in activities to promote the intercultural/interfaith dialogue, the understanding of cultural diversity and social inclusion and create international cooperation among them.

The activity started on 21-24 Sept 2017 in Ljubljana (Slovenia) during the European Jazz Conference and continued with a two-days seminar organised in Pantin (France) in the framework of the Banlieues Bleues Festival, that included the beginning of a research on the experience of working with communities among EJN members and other organisations to create a report of good examples available to all music professionals. The two meetings were organised with the most committed organisations to share best practices in this field.

The full report of the Pantin Seminar is available here