Tap&Bass "BEATS"


Tap&Bass is an internationally acclaimed performance duo by bassist Kurt Holzkämper and tap dancer Thomas Marek. With their unique concerts and shows they have been performing in festivals and theaters all over the world for the last 20 years. Highlights include the Joyce Theater NYC, Frankfurter Alte Oper, Kampnagel Hamburg, Internationale Jazztage Stuttgart, Tanzhaus NRW, St.Petersburg Russia and many more.


Electronic music meets tap dance meets acoustic jazz

In their latest show, Tap&Bass celebrates the archaic elemental force of the beat, tracing it, experimenting with it and improvising upon it.

"BEATS" is a unique show combining tap dance and contemporary electronic music with elements of acoustic jazz. In this 75-minute performance Kurt Holzkämper and Thomas Marek create a captivating dance performance & live concert blending electronic music & beats, looped sequences of double bass and electric bass, alienated tap sounds and beautifully composed melodies. These collages from electronic and minimal music and jazz, create a pulsating web of grooves and virtuosic improvisations.

Their combination of eletronic and acoustic music is unique in the sense that both musical approaches seamlessly blend with one another. The use of laptops and sound effects become part of their musical expression and improvisations and therefore an extension of their instruments.

On stage they use various basses, electronic sound generators, laptops and a pair of tap shoes to create their magic. On certain occasions they invite a special guest performer/musician to join them perform "BEATS".

"BEATS" gets under your skin, creates contact with the ground and makes dancing unavoidable.