Ms King


Hi My name is Ms King,
I was born in the United Kingdom and lived in Northampton Town before moving to southern Spain.
I now have a beautiful on going property for people in the music industry to visit. Its called the secret Rose.

I have always had a passion for music and singing from a very early age, however I have only began A taste for performing Jazz, lounge, Soul, Most of all my own Original Songs.
Peoples first opinion is Dont she sound like Amy Winehouse, Its not intentional, my reply is Im older she sounds like me. lol
Tastes of Erica Badu, shes more my relaxed urban style, my mother is ethnic, but I do carry my own unique sound.  
I have NOT! been singing for years, i STARTED Colabs on Sound Cloud, singing & writing with Guitarists mainly, I think I have a natural connection to the sound of a guitar.  
I love meeting musicians that inspire me.