Le Bureau Export

Le Bureau Export is the French music office, which was launched in 1993 and being the original model of music export offices later. It works on all genres of music repertoire, from pop to electro, from techno to world, from classical to jazz.

It is funded by state organisations such as French ministry of culture and ministry of Foreign affairs, CNV and by music industry societies, such as Sacem and copyrights organisations (SCPP, SPPF…). As today, Le Bureau Export budget is approx.4.5 millions euros.

Le Bureau Export helps music producers, labels, publishers or independent ensembles in giving grants, networking events, intelligence market, database services and through its four offices around the world. It works closely with the diplomatic French cultural network as well the music industry network.

We work with memberships and as soon as organisations become members (with a 300 euros annual membership fee) they have access to all our different programmes. With a team of 35 staff, the bureau export has an important expertise in the music business development. It has launched its playlist service a few months ago: whatthefrance.org