Kōkako Music: delivering exciting fresh sounds from the world to your doorstep! Explore from your velvet chair to the dance floor. Turn to KM for curating events, artist bookings, (tour)production, (tour)management and lectures...
Combining a love for travel & music, to pursue sounds from far-flung places and present them so others can share in on the tunes & fun!
Kōkako Music gravitates towards great world music & jazz where there is still so much to discover and share.
We represent original artists to keep you going on the dance floor or surprise you with meticulous improvisation. From hot Colombian beats to quick syncopation on a klezmer clarinet, why limit ourselves? 
Kōkako Music explores & makes things happen by going at it from all angles: as artistic director for festivals/venues, booking agent, producer and tourmanager. With a background in musicology and fieldwork, with a love for travel and nature, the practical and theoretical merge nicely in Kōkako Music!
Artist roster 2012-2013
> Arifa - ancient & contemporary world jazz (Turkey, Germany, Romania, NL)
Womex & jazzahead alumni, Songlines Top Album
Sept & Jan '14 US tour!
> Palenke SoulTribe - energetic live electro-cumbia (LA/Colombia)
EU: May & Oct, USA in Sept
> Ljova & The Kontraband (USA, NY) composer for Kronos Quartet & Yo-Yo Ma
1st Eu tour in Oct + 2014
> (DJ) Bbrave - aka Benjamin Lebrave of Akwaaba Music (Ghana/FR/USA)
> (DJ) DAFERWA - tropical bass (Global Player Soundsystem, Mash it up! Cologne)
> Maga Bo (Brazil) Transnational Beats